Several members of the Hip Hop community shared their New Year’s resolutions with XXL.

Six different artists the publication spoke to throughout the course of the year are featured — including Kendrick Lamar — who covers the magazine’s winter 2014 issue.

K. Dot is currently prepping his highly anticipated sophomore album. In 2015, he says he hopes to keep the momentum going and continue what he’s trying to do.

“My New Year’s resolution is not being stagnant,” he says. “Everything is subject to change. One thing about men and women or whoever, we hate change. It’s something tough to adapt to. Not being stagnant is something that I wouldn’t call a resolution, I would just say a continuation of what I’m trying to do.

“I’m still growing at it,” he continues. “I’m still attempting and practicing that today, so in 2015 I’m hoping to get a little bit ahead of myself and get further with it.”

Check out Mike WiLL Made-It, Warren G, Ja Rule, Rich Homie Quan and O.T. Genasis’ resolutions below:

Mike WiLL Made-It

My New Year’s resolution is always to make the best of this year the worst of next year. I want to continue to build up; I don’t want to keep doing the same shit every year. You know what I’m saying? I wanna keep doing new shit, keep building up, keep being creative. Next year I want to be like, “Man, I killed this year way more than I killed last year.” And once I do that, then in 2016 I can look back on 2014 like, “Damn, that was an iconic year though, that shit was like hard as fuck, now Rae Sremmurd is like winnin’ a Grammy or some shit, now Two-9 is getting the attention they deserve, now Makonnen is writing for fuckin’ whoever,” you know what I’m saying? But the year after I just wanna kill that last year.

Warren G

 Man… I guess for peace, man. I’d wish for peace. For peace and for more mothers and fathers to spread more morals, put the morals back into life right now in these times and ages. This shit is all over the place, man.

Ja Rule

Man, just to be positive and help the less fortunate. You know, I’ve been put in a good place. God has been very good to me throughout my career. I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed, so my job to do is, to go out there and help the less fortunate.

Rich Homie Quan

 My biggest New Year’s resolution is to drop my debut in 2015.

O.T. Genasis

My New Year’s resolution is to stop drinking so much. [Laughs] I gotta stop drinking so much! I have to know my limit.

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