TDE rapper Kendrick Lamar has offered a handful of details about his upcoming studio album, and during an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg, the Compton, California lyricist addressed the production featured on his latest project.

According to K-Dot, his new album could be “even more raw” than good kid, m.A.A.d city, sound-wise. He also revealed that he plans on keeping his producers for the album primarily in-house, but has worked with Dr. Dre.

“If anything, aside from good kid, it’ll probably feel even more raw,” Kendrick Lamar said. “Because it’s a little more dirty with the live, dirty drums on it. It’s not something that’s contemporary with the MPC and you pressing different patterns and things like that, but we’ll see how it come out…Everything’s really in-house. Of course Dre, but I really stick with four producers that I’ve been working with since day one. I don’t really go outside the box of that soundwave.”

Kendrick has also worked with Pharrell Williams on the album and recalled a studio session he took part in with the producer.

“It was a session with me and P,” he said. “And at the end of the session I like to really sit back and absorb all the energy. I usually don’t play records. I keep everything in-house. But the majority of my folks in there. P was in there. So, I decide to play one or two…It’s really been a process about me grabbing from these different types of inspirations that I been growing up off of and putting it into my own batch of Hip Hop.”

The West Coast wordsmith also addressed his latest single, “i.” He says that the record was created for “the homies that’s in the penitentiary” and those who feel they’ve “got nothing to live for.”

“I think from jump the classifications of music is totally twisted because now we have a generation where you take an Isley Brothers sample, which is soul, and now we’re in a world where people would consider it pop,” Kendrick said. “And I knew that would come of course. But as me as a leader in music I want to revamp that whole thing. And put it back to its original origins and do that. You feel what I’m saying? And not be scared to step out and say ‘Okay, this is not that. This is black. This is soul. And y’all kids gotta know this.’ My initial idea on writing this record really was for two people. I hit Top Dawg, I said ‘I wrote a record for the homies that’s in the penitentiary right now. And I also wrote a record for these kids that come up to my shows with these slashes on their wrists saying they don’t wanna live no more.’ It’s serious. And people on the inside they don’t feel like they don’t got nothing to live for. People on the outside [too].”

During his interview on Hot 97, Kendrick also discussed Macklemore, his upcoming appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” and more. His interview can be found below (via Miss Info).

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