With the holiday week nearly through, this week’s top headlines in Hip Hop included a playful reaction from Pusha T about the release of Wale’s new mixtape, Festivus, Jimmy Henchman addressing the arrest of Bobby Shmurda, and the release of Fabolous‘ first album in five years.

Pusha T Reacts To Wale’s Festivus

Poking fun at Wale for not hearing the verse he contributed to the D.C. rapper’s latest mixtape until its release, Pusha T let loose a series of Tweets shortly after the project dropped.

“Aye @wale why I gotta wait til 3:31?” he wrote in one Tweet. “I did my verse for #Drown and u ain’t even let me hear final!! #WaleRudeLikeTheBlogsSay” Pusha later added some more hashtags in some ensuing Tweets, including #WaleTreatPushaLikeRegularFolk and #WaleJustMyRapFriendNotMyRealFriend.

Just hours later, Pusha sent out another Tweet making light of his previous comments, writing, “@Wale is my brother in real life… #WebsitesWannaBeTMZSoooBad.”

Jimmy Henchman Addresses Bobby Shmurda’s Arrest

Days after Howard Greenberg, lawyer to rapper Bobby Shmurda, shared his belief that “the government hates rap” and rappers, Jimmy Henchman came forward to offer a similar opinion. While speaking withAllHipHop.com about Shmurda’s arrest, Henchman stated that Hip Hop “is under attack.” The former music executive also referenced his own ordeal with the legal system while addressing Shmurda’s recent arrest. “With everything happening with Bobby Shmurda there’s a need for a rap expert on deck, because the culture is under attack,” Henchman said while speaking with AllHipHop.com. “If they can use 50’s lyrics against me as an executive to prove murder then we all in trouble.” Read the full story on HipHopDX here.

Fabolous Releases The Young OG Project

Fabolous released his first album in five years on Christmas day earlier this week and spoke with Rolling Stone about the inspiration behind the 1990s theme throughout.

“It’s kind of like a vanity project,” he said. “I kept getting these beats that were inspired by Nineties records, so I just busted some raps on top of ’em. I felt like I’m a good person to represent that, because I’ve been around since the late Nineties, and I’m still putting out music, 15 years later.”

Read more about Fab’s The Young OG Project on HipHopDX here.

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