Nicki Minaj and longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels recently broke up. Nicki said the break up was like a death when speaking with Angie Martinez and now, some dirty laundry is being aired out publicly.

Taking to Twitter, the Queens-based rapper alluded to some reasons of why she broke up with Safaree, calling him “ungrateful.” She also claimed he is blackmailing her with videos. It isn’t known what videos she is referring to.

Safaree chimed in once he realized he was getting the brunt of a subtweet barde. He claims all blackmail rumors are false and that he felt he didn’t yield any respect during their relationship. All tweets from Nicki Minaj’s Twitter account on the matter have since been deleted. Sarafee recently blamed Meek Mill for the couple’s break up, according to reports.

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