Following the arrest of Brooklyn, New York rapper Bobby Shmurda and 14 other members of GS9, a lawyer for the Epic Records artist has spoken out against the musician’s arrest. Shmurda’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg spoke exclusively with this week and shared his belief that “the government hates rap” and rappers.

Greenberg then called the indictment “bullshit” and suggested that authorities have recruited others to implicate artists like Shmurda.

“Let me give you some context,” Greenberg said while speaking with “The government hates rap and the government hates rappers. They target these guys and construct a narrative around them and then they rationalize the narrative in order to get an indictment. I had said previously, it’s a bunch of bullshit. What they do is they recruit guiltless, loveless people who are truthless that are jealous of brothers on the way up and they get them to implicate them.”

Greenberg, who later stated that Shmurda is “legit” and “doesn’t have time for this bullshit,” says he had the opportunity to read the indictment. He revealed that the first 41 pages of the indictment are “susceptible to interpretation.”

“I gave the indictment a close read and the first 41 pages [are] just talk,” he said “It’s street lingo that isn’t even English, which is susceptible to interpretation that’s so broad, it’s unduly vague. In the argument yesterday they said that there were guns in his car; what they didn’t say is that two guns were in a closed container in the possession of somebody else, not Bobby. They misspoke about that to the Supreme Court. In the defense bar we style conspiracy charges as one of the darlings of the prosecutor’s nursery. People of color should be very afraid of these kind of prosecutions. They are selective. They start by aiming at a guy’s lyrics to begin.”

Earlier this week on December 17, Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew were arrested while at Quad City Studios in New York City. The rapper faces a number of charges including conspiracy to commit murder, assault in the first degree, possession of weapons, intent to sell and possession of narcotics, and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree on two counts.

In addition to facing up to 25 years on the conspiracy charges, Shmurda also faces up to 15 years on each of the weapons charges.

It’s been reported that Epic Records will pay Shmurda’s $2 million dollar bail.

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