Anchor and managing editor of the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams took to Facebook last week for a two-hour long Q&A session with fans. Answering questions about his life and career, Williams also fielded fan questions about his preference in music and reaction to Jimmy Fallon’s Rap Sessions segment on The Tonight Show in which Williams’ broadcasts are spliced and edited into a Rap performance. Most recently, the Rap Sessions featured Williams performing Ludacris‘ “Rollout (My Business).”

Asked if he was angry about the Rap Sessions, Williams responded, “Quite the opposite.”

“They’ve been amazing,” he added. “Never before have so many words been re-purposed so outside their original meaning. We have interviewed the profoundly talented video editor and will put it on the web before long.”

Another fan asked the news anchor about his preference for The Notorious B.I.G. or Tupac Shakur.

“I don’t want to stir up trouble with Big’s existing crew…but The Pac has been my guy,” Williams wrote in response.

Co-anchor of MSNBC’s Morning Joe program as well as a co-anchor of the network’s Today’s Take segment, Willie Geist himself asked Williams a Hip Hop based question about the N.W.A.

“Which is your favorite member of N.W.A.?” Geist asked.

“Willie! Who explained to you NWA made music and wasn’t a former airline based in Detroit?” Williams said. “Willie Geist, ladies and gentlemen!”

Geist responded himself, writing, “I’ll take that evasive answer as a ‘MC Ren.’”

Brian Williams’ version of “Gin and Juice” originally aired in April and has tallied more than ten million views on YouTube alone. 

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