The Source has confirmed that Jeezy appears on the cover of the magazine’s special #Power30 X #Source360 issue. 

In the piece, Jeezy speaks about auditioning for the role of Tupac Shakur in a Broadway play.

“I came to New York, auditioned and everything,” the Seen It All emcee says in the article. “Snoman was going to be on Broadway, man.” 

Beyond this, Jeezy also addresses his place in the game. “I think me and people like me that answered the call, and were appointed by the people to be their spokesperson have to walk a separate line because, you might like my music, but I think you probably love me more for what I stand for and what my morals are,” he says. “So I think that’s what makes me special, and different from a lot of artists, because you know we got some people where their whole career is off pure talent. They’re very talented but they don’t have any morals, or the ability to go sit outside and watch something, and then be able to go talk about it in a rhyme form and make you believe it. Everything is so internet based now, you don’t even know what to believe anymore.” 

In the mag, Jeezy also discusses his belief that Ferguson police responded to recent protests in an inappropriate manner. 

“I just feel like, when things like this happen, you have to build trust within the community,” he explains. “They did all the wrong things. Instead of going there and trying to resolve the situation, they went in there with tasers, riot guns and riot forces, and you can’t come to my neighborhood and not expect us to stand up for what we believe in. You know, that type of shit happens in Iraq, that doesn’t happen in Ferguson.” 

The cover was shot by acclaimed photographer 13th Witness, who posted about being honored about this on Instagram.

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