Recently a few websites reported the possibility of former Death Row member Crooked I filing a restraining order against Suge Knight. But according to Crooked’s PR person, that restraining order does not exist.

What is true is the fact that Suge Knight was served with a Gag order which makes the concept completely different. How is that? Examine the definitions:

A GAG order is a restrictive court order that prohibits all or some participants in a trial or civil action from speaking about a case. Or is an order by the court restricting comment on, or the release of information about the proceedings; a court order restricting information or comment by the participants involved in a lawsuit.

A restraining order is an order which directs a defendant to stop doing something until a formal hearing is held to determine whether an injunction will be issued. A Restraining Order is a court order restraining one person(s) from doing certain things to other people. The restrictions are listed in the court order. It is similar to an injunction, commanding the party to leave the other party alone.

In this case Crooked I claims that Death Row records scared other labels away from any potential deals that they may have had after the contract with Death Row ended last year. The news show Celebrity Justice recently said that Crooked is eager to settle out of court and has even offered to sign over all the rights to the material that he recorded while with Death Row as long as Suge agrees to terminate any obligation of Crooked I to Death Row. More on this as it develops.