This year, Evidence and LMNO will release their project together, After the Fact. The duo will reveal the album in July, which will feature rhymes from LMNO and production from Evidence. 

Evidence shared this news with HipHopDX almost a year ago. In his interview, it was revealed that Ev would be producing LMNO’s entire album and that it would be titled After the Fact.

LMNO announced the album’s release date with a YouTube clip and in a Twitter message.  

The video announcement can be viewed below. After the Fact will be out through Up Above Records. Earlier this week, Ev announced that next month he will release his fourth album of instrumentals, Green Tape Instrumentals, on Decon.

(May 10)

UPDATE:  According to Up Above Records, After The Fact will now come out on September 10. With the news, it was confirmed that Evidence created every single beat on After The Fact.

Not only will Evidence be sharing his production chops on After The Fact, he will be displaying emceeing skills that many have enjoyed on past projects. Evidence is spitting a verse on “All Things Pass,” the track that concludes LMNO’s forthcoming album.

The California-based artist enlisted deejay’s such as J Rocc (Beat Junkies), DJ Babu (Beat Junkies & Dilated Peoples), LD, and DJ Romes (Lootpack) to put in work on the LP.

LMNO has released 14 albums in the past three years—primarily within his “10 Pack” album series in 2010.

The After The Fact racklist is as follows:

  1. “After The Fact” featuring Oh No
  2. “Yearbook”
  3. “Dyslexic”
  4. “Back Burner”
  5. “No Risk No Reward”
  6. “Quick Word Association” (Interlude)
  7. “1st & 4most”
  8. “March Madness” featuring Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples
  9. “The Correction”
  10. “Communion” featuring M.E.D. (f/k/a Medaphor)
  11. “Long Range”
  12. “On w/ The Show”
  13. DJ Romes (Interlude)
  14. “All Things Pass” featuring Evidence of Dilated Peoples

Additional Reporting by Paul Martinez

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