Last year, Evidence sat down for an interview with HipHopDX. He strolled into a room at the House of Blues with a calm confidence while observing the area carefully. With his iPhone in one hand, he smiled as he saw something in the ceiling, something worthy of a shot. He quickly snapped photographs with his phone. He smiled again. “Sorry about that,” he said as he sat down. It was clear then and it’s clear now. Evidence has a love for the arts. It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about graffiti, production, photography or emceeing, Ev is passionate about it and he’s eager to share it from wherever he may be.

If you want to travel with Evidence, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket. Just check his photos. The Dilated Peoples’ emcee has become passionate about photography in a way that has altered how he makes music, how he views life. With over 28,000 followers on his Instagram account shadowing his every international move, Evidence makes sure to capture his travels with a flare only a photographer can possess. From Rome to Switzerland and Spain to Portugal, Evidence has it all caught in photographs. 

Photography Provided by Evidence

These photographs mean something to the Rhymesayers emcee. They have to. His mother was a photographer and teacher. She taught him about art from an early age, specifically by getting his take on photographs she’d develop, as he explains in this interview. His voice, even at a young age, was valued. She trusted his eye.

The Eyes Have It

Life is going by fast. I try to grab it.”-Evidence

Today, Evidence can stand alone. He has no qualms about that. He certainly has support for and from his Dilated Peoples brethren but he’s also a critically acclaimed solo emcee now. Still, he hasn’t forgotten his group’s roots. “Always,” he says. “Always Dilated.” He has good reason for these sentiments with many great memories and moments to show for it. The group is still renowned through the Hip Hop sphere, both at home and abroad, regarded by many as an influential team. From their inception, the group’s managed to balance underground appeal with mainstream approval. From early underground work to their Alchemist-produced “Worst Comes to Worst” or to their Kanye West-produced “This Way,” Dilated was able to maintain balance and respect in many circles. All of this will likely be carried onto the new Dilated Peoples album, Directors of Photography, which is presently being written. Still, Ev doesn’t mind also traveling alone, as he shares in this interview. Mr. Slow Flow can now stand solo too.

Solo is how the Rhymesayer will be this weekend, as Soundset 2012 kicks off (Sunday, May 27). The Minnesot