LMNO recently caught up with the Los Angeles Times to talk about his tenth album release in 2010. His upcoming album LMNO is Dead will conclude the Visionaries alum’s ten LP James Kelly anthology. The Long Beach rhymer explained that while some doubted him, he feels fans respect the fact that he has followed through with his plans.

“People were like, ‘Who does he think he is, Lil Wayne?’,” he said. “At certain points I didn’t think it would happen…I wasn’t out there parading. I’m not just an all-talk kinda cat. So I think at the end a lot of people could respect that.” (LATimes.com)

Although some artists may spend a couple of years crafting an album, LMNO said it only took him six months to record the entire anthology. He says that the most difficult aspect of completing the anthology was arranging the guest production. Working with a variety of producers, including Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kev Brown and Astronote. He noted that working with as many producers as he did pushed him outside the confines of the studio. 

“I’ve always been one to be locked in the studio,” he said. “But I was forced to step outside of that and put on more than one hat [while working with so many producers].” (LATimes.com)

His tenth album LMNO is Dead is set for a December 14 release on Up Above Records.