As Super Bowl XLVII approaches, many of Hip Hop’s luminaries have weighed in on the game, which will feature the San Francisco 49ers battling the Baltimore Ravens.

“You know the Baltimore Ravens are gonna win that joint,” Pusha T said to MTV News. “[Baltimore Ravens linebacker] Ray Lewis is saying he’s going to retire [and] I think he brings a lot of energy to the whole National Football League, and what better way for him to go out?”

T.I. echoed a similar sentiment. “[Ray Lewis] showed that he deserves to be called the champion. So I think that’s how he’s going to go out.”

Surprisingly, Pittsburgh native Mac Miller also chose the Ravens to go all the way. “The Ravens are like our sworn enemies,” said Miller, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. “Ray Lewis, you are born in Pittsburgh hating Ray Lewis. The Niners? They had a great season, they deserve the Super Bowl, but if the Niners win, they have just as many Super Bowls as [the Steelers]; and I don’t want the Niners to get that. So I guess I’m cool with having the Ravens win it.”

A$AP Rocky was also in the Ravens’ corner, though for an unusual reason. “They’ve got a team member called Flacco,” said Rocky laughing, noting the similarity between quarterback Joe Flacco’s last name and the rapper’s nickname “Pretty Flacko.”

Not everyone was willing to make a selection, however. “My team’s not in it,” said Lil Wayne. “So I ain’t trippin.'”

Watch the interview below:

Recently, Dr. Dre picked the Baltimore Ravens to win it all as well, further increasing the contingent of Hip Hop artists in the Ravens’ corner for this Sunday’s (February 3rd) game, which airs at 6:30 PM.

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