Though one would assume that West Coast legend Dr. Dre would select the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl, it seems the good doctor’s loyalties lie elsewhere.

“I’m excited for Ray Lewis,” said Dre in an interview with TMZ, referring to the 13-time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, who will retire at the end of this season and bring his Hall of Fame career to a close. The Baltimore Ravens knocked off rivals Peyton Manning and Tom Brady en route to their second Super Bowl berth. “He’s a good guy, man, and I’m a fan of his. Wish the best for him.” The Super Bowl will take place on February 3.

It is unknown if Dre has any ties with Lewis, though Snoop Dogg did visit the Baltimore Ravens’ training camp prior to the 2009 season.

Dre also offered some advice to this years’ Coachella performers. Dre and many of his collaborators wowed the crowd last year with a Tupac hologram. “Go out and have fun like we did. That’s all it was about. … Having a good time and having some fun. Blowing the people away, giving them something they’ve never seen before.

“You don’t need a hologram to blow people away,” added Dre. “That was just our thing that we did. I’m really interested to see what the next headliner is going to bring to the table.”

Watch the interview below:

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