Even though he’s is well known for wearing and name-dropping high-end fashion labels, don’t expect A$AP Rocky to create his own clothing company anytime soon. Now, in a recent interview with HipHopWired, the Harlem upstart explains his distaste for rapper-owned fashion lines.

A$AP Rocky said that he believes artist-funded clothing lines are “corny” and are the sign of a washed-up rapper looking to make a buck. Although he would be open to collaborating with fashion designers on individual pieces, he believes fashion should be left to the professionals with a deeper understanding of its intricacies. 

“I might collab with designers, but that shit corny,” he explained. “When rappers be doing that clothing line shit, that shit be corny man. That’s a slow reality show. Ya know how reality shows wash niggas up? I feel that clothing line shit is just a slower reality show. That shit corny man…I’m not no fashion designer. Just ‘cause I got good taste don’t mean that I know how to create it. I feel that’s disrespectful. It’s just like record labels and shit. Just cause motherfuckers know Hip Hop doesn’t mean you know how to create it, motherfucker.”

He continued, “I know brands well, [but] I’m not a fashion designer. It’s more to fashion than just fabrics and stencils. You gotta learn how to draw, you gotta know how colorways work and materials, it’s hard, man. Hood clothing lines, I refuse man. I refuse. I’m good on that.”  

Despite Rocky’s feelings, A$AP Mob co-founder A$AP Bari is currently working on his own fashion label called Toast To The God.

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