It’s a debate that’s plagued Hip Hop purists for decades, but now, Pusha T gives his take on who is the better emcee: Big Daddy Kane or Rakim.

In a recent interview with The Combat Jack Show, the G.O.O.D Music rapper discussed why he believes Kane is better than Rakim. He explained that after listening to a mix of Kane and Rakim’s records on Philadelphia’s Power 99, he determined that it is the Juice Crew emcee who put out the more impressive discography.

Pusha even added that Kane’s legacy influenced the title of his most recent mixtape, Wrath of Caine

“That [debate over Big Daddy Kane and Rakim was] what Wrath of Caine was about,” he revealed. “It was always the play off the street metaphors, but what happened was I was driving to New York, and I was coming through Philly, and by the time I got to Philly, I caught it so perfectly: a mid-day, mini-mix on Power 99 and they’re doing a [Big Daddy] Kane and Rakim battle. Now mind you, this is an argument that happens with my crew [and] my brother…but I was like, when you lined it up just record for record, I thought [Kane] won.”

Earlier this week, Pusha T released his long-awaited mixtape Wrath of Caine. The Clipse veteran is currently working on his solo debut My Name is My Name.

Listen to the full episode of The Combat Jack Show below.

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