Tomorrow November 13, Roc Marciano will finally release his long-awaited sophomore project Reloaded. Now, in a recent interview with Complex, the Long Island rapper discusses his personal favorite LPs.

To kick off the list, Roc Marcy named Michael Jackson’s 1979 classic Off the Wall. He recalled picking up the LP on vinyl while recording his debut Marcberg not for sampling purposes, but simply because it took him back to his childhood.

“I love this album. It reminds me of all my childhood memories,” he said. “I’m trapped in the 80’s when I hear that. When I was shopping for records when I was recording Marcberg, I saw Off The Wall in the store, a clean copy on vinyl. And I knew I wasn’t gonna use it for my album, but you can’t resist buying it. Even today, if I see it in a record store and it’s a clean copy, I just buy it. Like, ‘I can’t believe this is available, still.’ To me, that’s just Mike at his best. The whole album is fire.” 

Roc also named Ghostface Killah’s 2000 solo release Supreme Clientele to his list, describing it as the Staten Island emcee’s best effort. He added that while his personal preference lies with cuts like “Stroke of Death” and “Stay True,” there isn’t a single missstep on the album.

“‘To me, that’s Ghostface at his best,” he said. “‘Stroke Of Death,’ the joint where they’re just spinning the record back [is one of my favorites]. It reminds me of like basement parties around the way, or a party at someone’s apartment, where dude is just bringing the record back. That shit is crazy. And the other joint, it’s like the ‘puppy love’ song, ‘Child’s Play.’ Real soulful. What else? ‘The streets is rough out here, the crack game came and had it’s years.’ Yeah, ‘Stay True.’ There’s no misses on that album. It don’t get no better than that from a solo artist’s album.”

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