On November 13, former Flipmode Squad emcee Roc Marciano will follow up his acclaimed 2010 solo debut Marcberg with the long-awaited Reloaded. Now, in an exclusive interview with HipHopWired, the Long Island emcee reveals he has a bevy of LPs lined after this November’s effort.

According to the U.N. rapper, he has five albums already lined up for the months following Reloaded. On the solo tip, Roc has been recording a production project titled Marci Beaucoup for Man Bites Dog and a third solo LP. In addition, Roc Marci named three collaborative albums he has in the works with The Alchemist, Brooklyn rhymer Ka, and UK producers the Arch Druids.

“Man, I got about four albums done. Right now, yeah,” he said. “Marci Beaucoup is pretty much in the wrapping process. Most of the projects that I got done are probably like six rhymes away from being completed, but most of the body of work is done. About four albums done and in the can. I’m not going to miss no more quarters…after Marcberg: Reloaded comes out, that’s gonna to set off the wave and I’ma just keep coming every quarter.”

He added, “I’ve got another album done – a solo joint. I’ve got Metal Clergy coming out with me and my man Ka, we a group…we about 80% done with that project…[and] my joint with Alchemist. I’m just not slowing down…I got [an LP with the Arch Druids] too, Arch Druids’ album is almost done, too. I got an album with them, Scorched Earth Policy. I’m trippin’, I have so many projects in the can that I be forgetting.”

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