Well it was bound to happen. Once J. Cole’s Cole World: The Sideline Story dropped (read the review), the need to replay leaked tracks would cease, considering most fans actually bought the album (it’s projected to move 250k units first week). Cole had a long run on HipHopDX as one of the most listened to artists, evidenced by his major appearances on each week’s Top Ten Singles List. Well those days are done (at least for now) and there is a whole new batch of songs to look out for, by artists we’ve been looking out for. Now that it’s no longer a Cole World, check out some other new tracks that may pique your interest this week (and next).

Mac Miller Has Moves Like Jagger, B.o.B. Shares Lil Wayne’s Strange Cloud

Yesterday, HipHopDX debuted the official remix to Maroon 5’s hit single “Moves Like Jagger” with Christina Aguilera. The guest? None other than Wiz Khalifa’s lil bro Mac Miller. We mentioned last week that Mac Miller’s Twitter milestone tracks were making waves on the internets. Well consider this remix a tsunami, as “Moves Like Jagger” almost shut down the site with its listens, comments, and generally everyone and their Mick Jagger CDs checking for Mac’s smooth addition to contagious cut. The track jumped to over 50,000 listens in less than a day, making it automatically the most listened to track on the site this week. Now that’s a feat! Second place went to B.o.B. and Lil Wayne with “Strange Clouds.” A few weeks ago a very (VERY) rough live performance (by way of YouTube) leaked of this track, when Wayne and Bobby Ray performed it live. No one really knew how good the track was or wasn’t until last weekend when the CDQ version arrived. As it takes the #2 spot, the track officially arrives for sale on iTunes on October 3rd.

50 Cent Loves the Children, T.I. Loves to Tease Us

Rapper turned beverage king 50 Cent has released an energy drink called Street King. The juice serves a shot of energy, but also comes with a good cause. With every purchase of Street King, one meal will be purchased for a starving child in Africa. Curtis is working with the United Nations World Food Programme to hopefully achieve one billion meals raised. In conjunction with this charitable project, Fif has released a slew of tracks, the 6th and 7th ones have made their way to our list. #3 on the list, “The Enforcer” is not one of these tracks, as it’s on the Real Steel original soundtrack. However, #7 this week is 50 Cent’s 6th Street King Energy track titled “Love Hate Love” and #9 is Track 7 (no other title). As Fifty keeps releasing these songs, they’ll all make their way to this list. Know what else made its way to the list? A T.I. snippet, in at #6. Since Tip has been released from jail, the rumblings of his debut “Flexin” with Big K.R.I.T. have been out of control. Then a tiny snippet of the song leaked, with barely a few bars from T.I. (none from K.R.I.T.) and a few days later the single cover art arrived. Where’s the full song you ask? We have no idea. The world’s been waiting for T.I. to exit the pen and now we’re left waiting for his first freedom song.

The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 9/26/11

1. Maroon 5 featuring Mac Miller and Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger Remix

2. B.o.B. featuring Lil Wayne – Strange Clouds

3. 50 Cent – The Enforcer

4. Pusha T – Don’t Fuck With Me

5. Tyga featuring Drake – Still Got It

6. T.I. featuring Big K.R.I.T. – I’m Flexin (Snippet)

7. 50 Cent – Love Hate Love (Street King Energy Track 6)

8. Wale featuring Miguel – Lotus Flower Bomb

9. 50 Cent – Street King Energy Track 7

10. Drake featuring Rick Ross – Free Spirit

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