The artwork to Mac Miller’s debut album Blue Slide Park pays homage to the young rapper’s childhood hangout of the same name. While he previously explained that the real-life Pittsburgh park has been a fixture in his life since the age of 2, he only recently described how he and his brother stumbled upon the simple concept of the album cover through Google images.

“We came across this 8-year-old’s drawing and we were like, ‘Yo, that is like the most simple but incredible thing ever; it’s right to the point,'” he told MTV News. “Basically, the point is making something simple that can represent the whole idea. You look at it and it doesn’t look like a park, but you know that’s that Blue Slide Park.”

After discovering the drawing, his older brother, Miller McCormick, applied some further touches to the simple blue streak. “He’s always worked on art as long as I can remember,” Mac said. “He draws all the time and he’s getting into graphic design. If I can have my brother work on something for it, that’s great.”

Mac Miller’s debut album is due November 8th.