Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have been throwing subliminal shots at each other’s camps on recent tracks, but J. Cole doesn’t think it’s too serious. Speaking with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, the Roc Nation rapper weighed in on the beef, stating that it’s more an exercise than a legitimate war.

“I honestly don’t think it feels like anything, for real. I don’t think like it feels… I’m sure they throwing jabs on songs, but don’t we all do that? That’s just part of the game,” he said. “Wayne’s just happened to be like, OK, you went all the way. You really let it be known. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a jab-throwing sport. I personally like it. I love to hear when I hear a jab and I know it. I love it.”

He said that he even enjoys fielding jabs from other rappers. Though he wouldn’t name any peer in particular, he chalks it up to the state of the game.

“It’d be from people. I see these people, I know these people. It’s not like animosity. I see them, I say what’s up. It’s a sparring of words, that’s it,” he said, explaining that he wouldn’t always come to a Roc Nation artist’s defense. “It depends. My heart tells me no, because it’s not a real situation. Like, what is it really about? Then how am I connected to that?”

Listen to the full interview below, where he also discusses Rihanna rumors, sales and Roc Nation’s track record.

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