After enduring nearly a decade of losing seasons, the New York Knicks are no doubt elated to find their team in the top tier of the NBA. Now, the Knicks are giving back to their home city by paying tribute to one of the city’s most renowned Hip Hop icons, Grandmaster Flash.

The Knicks enlisted the help of Flash to pump up the crowd during their January 27 game against the Miami Heat. Flash spun an all-wax set during the the pre-game, halftime and timeouts to a crowd that included other Hip Hop luminaries like Q-Tip, Fat Joe and Kanye West. He also spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the team’s current standing and what it means for the city.

“There’s an energy here,” said. Flash. “It’s getting back to the way it was. It’s exciting. This team, as a collective, has a chance to be good.” (

The Knicks went on to win the game that night against the Heat 93-88. In addition, the Knicks’s star power forward Amare Stoudemire was named an All-Star Starter prior to the game’s start.