This week, The Celebration of the Life of Michael “Eyedea” Larsen was held in Minnesota’s First Avenue. A group of artists, friends, family members and supporters celebrated the life of the artist, one who died in October, in a small and intimate evening. 

Kristoff Krane, Carnage, No Bird Sing, Roma di Luna and DJ Abilities hit the stage to perform. Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock also joined forces for a surprise performance together. Atmosphere’s Slug led the evening as the master of ceremonies and Eyedea’s mother, Kathy, also added to the evening by reading a poem written by her son.

According to Jay Boller from The Star Tribune, Slug led things off by reminding folks of why the night was organized. 

“We all know why we’re here. We are here to celebrate the beautiful life of a beautiful person.”

The Daily Planet’s Jay Gabler also attended The Celebration and wrote of the family’s candor during the evening, including the presentation of a homemade slideshow/video of Eyedea and memories of his life and art prepared by his mother.

Perhaps appropriate for an evening celebrating Larsen’s life, the evening ended with a freestyle session, one that featured various emcees who were a part of Eyedea’s life and career