After his untimely death was announced on Sunday, emcee Michael “Eyedea” Larsen is being remembered by family, labelmates and collaborators, as well as peers. A statement was given moments ago by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Rhymesayers Entertainment, remembering one of their long-standing artists.

Additionally, a wake that is open to the public has been announced for next Thursday. The details are as follows:

Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen Memorial
Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010
Public: 7:30 – 10:00PM
Location: Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront, Minnesota Grand Ballroom
Address: 11 East Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55101

Sending Flowers: If you are interested in sending flowers for the memorial, all deliveries must be made to arrive on Thursday, October 28, 2010. Please make deliveries to arrive prior to 12:00PM CST.

Send to: Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront, Minnesota Grand Ballroom, c/o Micheal Larsen Memorial, 11 East Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55101.

Additionally, Eyedea’s unanticipated death has caused a financial hardship on his family. Those wishing to make a donation, may do so care of the emcee’s mother, Kathy Averill at this link.

Averill released the following statement on her son:

Always remember that where ever you go and what ever you do my love will always be with you. I knew before you were born that you were going to affect the world. I didn’t know how or with what gift, but now I do. You have given me the most joy, trouble, happiness, and pain. Now it’s time for the rest of us to step up and be the humans you know we can be. All my love,


Eyedea’s partner DJ Abilities said the following:

Mike was the closest friend I ever had. He was as caring as he was brilliant and was a true prodigy. I am honored to have been in his life and to have created with him and help spread his messages. He was a great human being and he will be missed.

Rhymesayers co-founder Brent “Siddiq” Sayers said the following:

I met Mikey when he was 14 and he was so full of energy, but so focused for his age. I have always been amazed at his knowledge and thirst for life being so young. On more than one occasion, I have had to remind myself how young he really was while we were all coming up. He was such a special individual, he mastered everything he touched and wanted to touch everything. He was the most free person I have ever known and he approached life like a scientist, wanting to dissect all of her meanings so he could share them with others. Mikey had an amazing spirit and a truly gifted mind and all of us who were blessed to experience this immediately became better people. This life couldn’t contain my friend and so he’s moved on to his next journey, but I know he’ll forever be in our hearts and minds pushing us to live life to the fullest, be better and be free.

Fellow Rhymesayers co-founder Slug, of Atmosphere said the following:

My friend, my brother. I do not know who I would be without your influence in my life. You challenged me without tearing me down. You pushed and encouraged me to be a better person. You had my back even when I didn’t have my own back. Your words, thoughts, and ideas impacted me in ways that I probably haven’t fully realized yet. You made me laugh and cry. You made me look and question. Thank you for everything. I love you Mikey.

Brother Ali said the following:

Eyedea was a precious soul. We’re better artists for working with him and better people for knowing him. He added so generously to our lives and his passing leaves an empty space in our hearts. His spirit will forever be entwined in our life changing moments. Thank you, Mikey for sharing your light with us. We love you so very much and your music, insight and laughter will never leave us.

Mr. Dibbs said the following:

Mikey was the 15 year old kid sleeping on my couch at Scribble Jam, slaying emcees 10 yrs older than him. There was nothing anyone could do. I’ve never met a more supportive mother in my life than Kathy. Kathy is the shit.”

Murs said the following:

Eyedea was the purest artist I have ever met. An all around amazing human being. Great rapper. And a better friend.”

Abstract Rude said the following:

Eyedea was definitely thee emcee from the Midwest (other than J.U.I.C.E.) who earned our (the west coast’s) respect for the Midwest indie rap scene thru battling in the underground circuit and shining on countless freestyle sessions heard live on stage, on nationwide radio and in street circles…I witnessed it, having had the pleasure to compete against him in Scribble Jam, watch him slay the HBO Blaze battle, then tour the USA with him on the same bus having freestyle sessions every night with some of the best emcees – his rise was true…his impact on Midwest indie rap was and still is enormous…we all saw him evolve musically from just a dope battle emcee to a full fledged heart pouring artist with Abilities at his side; as an artist, i’ll always remember him as having a true passion for exploring the bounds of his creativity; but most of all, as just Mikey – he was a great friend to have, to talk to and chill with, and he always ALWAYS showed mad love, respect & acknowledgment for the Goodlife / Project Blowed family so it’s nothing but eternal love for our friend and brother from another mother…rest well my friend…rest well….”

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