Earlier today, the legendary Sadat X debuted the third season of his and collaborator Will Tell’s wine tasting show “True Wine Connoisseurs.” Shot in New York City at the Blue Ribbon Wine bar, the Brand Nubian rapper tasted a variety of wines from First Drop Wines alongside guest taster R.A. the Rugged Man, with whom he collaborated on the song “50,000 Heads.”  Sadat told viewers that although the show went on a bit of a hiatus after the end of the second season, “True Wine Connoisseurs” is back in full swing and is sure to promise the same caliber of witty wine commentary as before.

“I told you we were coming back,” h exclaimed. “We just went low for a little second, just for a little second to re-group, get ourselves together [and] get my stomach back together again. But we’ve got a real season coming up.”

The full first episode of season three of “True Wine Connoisseurs” can be seen below.