Sauce Walka and Sancho Sauce aren’t your average rap group. It has been a good while since there was a natural rap energy permeating the Houston air and these two individuals collectively known as the Sauce Twinz are the catalysts.

Sure, they catapulted to the front of the rap blog newsfeed for being engaged in a very lively dispute with Drake last year, but as Sauce Walka is quick to proclaim, that moment of spotlight will not define their legacy. Said legacy has seen the charismatic Texans sustain a national fanbase without actually having a go-to project to pinpoint the reason for their success.

While checking in at the DXHQ a couple of weeks ago, the Sauce Twinz revealed why this year will be one for the record books. Even if they’re spending it shooting videos and practicing their Dragon Punches.

All Publicity Is Good Publicity

HipHopDX: So what’s in the Sauce for 2016?

Sancho Sauce: More work within the camp. More visuals. A lot of work. We really on a tour.

Sauce Walka: Right now, we on a Sauce Twinz—Don’t Let The Sauce Fool You Tour—spreading the Sauce, trying to get more in tune with the media. More in tune with the visual aspect of the music industry. We usually drop signature videos and not a lot of them so this year we’re just gonna drop a lot of visuals and try to give ’em movies and stuff.

Sancho Sauce: Overflood it with the Sauce!

DX: What has [the media interaction] been like so far? You guys hit big by letting the music doing the talking and then the media came knocking afterwards.

Sauce Walka: It’s been a helluva ride, if I can say so myself. Dealing with the media and dealing with having personal opinions and just being an outspoken person-both of us, the Twinz-just being outspoken about certain things and just music and stuff like that. We’ve seen a good and a bad side of media [this year] but all publicity is good publicity and that’s one thing we gonna stay doing is staying active and stay attracting and stay doing something that’s new but also stay doing something that’s risque that just causes up a whole ‘nother rapport and a whole ‘nother level of fans. And it’s not like we do it intentionally. We just like that and we trying to find a way to mold ourselves into professional artists or rappers and not try to be so honest or blunt about certain things in life but it’s so hard because we so real to the flavor. All the ingredients in the Sauce real.

DX: When you speak your mind like, have you seen your words twisted out in the media?

Sancho Sauce: Of course. Every time. That’s how it go. That’s part of it.

DX: I like how you used quotation marks when calling yourselves rappers.

Sauce Walka: It’s like Gospel. It’s like literature; scriptures out the Bible. Ancient Hebrew scriptures or whatever. We look at our music as more than just words or beats or melodies. It’s actually like a learning tool. An eye-opener for a lot of people. We they listen to our music, it becomes a way of life, it becomes a way of living more or less than something “I just listen to because I enjoy.” It’s a lot of metaphors, it’s a lot of knowledge. It’s a lot of essence in the Sauce Twinz music. If you really involved in the Sauce lifestyle, you’ll know that we preach freedom. That’s our whole thing. We preaching a new lifestyle. We preaching a new spoken-word and new train of thought.

DX: When would you guys say you started rapping. Seriously?

Sancho Sauce: We been talented all our life. Anything that we did, we been great at it. But seriously? Would have been about a year or two, twin?

Sauce Walka: About a year or two ago. Honestly, all this shit you see in front of you happened a year ago. We did this whole “Sauce Movement, Take Over The World” main media, TMZ, BET—we did all that in one year’s time of really taking it serious. I was in the penitentiary for like three years and when I came home two years ago and he was on the ground running, making a lot of money, dealing with girls, dressing nice in jewelry, money, I’m like “Gotdamn Twin? That’s what going on?” And we just ran with it. There was a year of that and a year of music and then you see us here today. It was a year dripping in the streets like spreading the flavor, spreading the lifestyle, spreading the money and the clothes and making people feel this real—before the music.

DX: That’s a factory worth of Sauce to be doing all that in a year. And you guys did a lot of attention by being associated with Drake last year as well. How tired are you guys talking about Drake?

Sauce Walka: What? Who? Hooo? Like the logo, Hooo! [Laughs]

Sancho Sauce:

Sauce Walka: We on to bigger and better things. We not going to let our past be the tale of our future but at the same time, we stand on whatever we been through and we stand on whatever we said. We believe in it; we bout that but at the end of the day, we got the talent and we got the look and the flavor that the world wants to see so we not going to let that be stopped or outshined by kids in wheelchairs…

DX: And you guys are standing on a platform. But how are you going to flip it when you continue to grow on the national stage? Do you stay in the streets and stay telling what you do or do you try to crossover and try to get on the radio?

Sauce Walka: Well that’s the whole thing about the Sauce. The Sauce is already a crossover brand. It’s already a household name. It’s just more of us exfoliating a light on the other areas of the Sauce beside our wildness or our brazenness and outbursts and shit like that. This year, you’re going to get more into seeing the characters that people hear really come to life in our videos and social media. And different things that we going to do this year. You gonna see a lot of the merchandise and stuff come out this year. Just more follow-up with work this year. Because you have to understand that we really come from out the streets with this. We don’t know what we’re doing, we just doing it. We just make it work. So this year, we gonna do big things.

DX: And you touched on a very interesting point, saying that The Sauce is already “branded.”

Sauce Walka: Because it’s more than music. When I say that, I’m trying to say that you have people that look at Sauce for different things. You got kids that love Sauce for the animated energy part about it. Some people love Sauce for the fact that we so hood and we so gutta, but we wear all these fly, flamboyant colors and flamboyant jewelry. Some people love Sauce for that. You got people who love the Sauce because sometimes we might get to fighting and doing karate kicks like actions figures. So you got people who’s into it for that; looking at us as superheroes or action figure. Then you got people that’s looking for the music. People looking [at us] like we’re real preachers. There’s all different perceptions of life when it comes to dealing with The Sauce. It’s flavor. You can eat Sauce by itself on the plate, put it with some chips, put it with nachos, put it with steak-it’s your choice.

Baptized In The Sauce

DX: Explain your influence with the kids. High and middle school kids in the streets of Houston.

Sauce Walka: I mean that’s our #1 fans. If you ever look at our demographic or anything like that…are statistics, our ratio, things like that, kids between the ages of 5 and 15 [is] our biggest fanbase. After that, you got college kids and so forth but that’s one of the main things about our movement is that it’s family friendly movement. It has different aspects. It’s made for children to be involved and do the Saucanese pose and do the karate kicks and say “ooohwee!” That’s what they love to do and it has fully become where we at in Texas, a way of life and a culture. They’re growing up and understanding that Sauce is a part of Texas; that’s a part of what we do, just like we grew up listening to Screw and Swisha House and so on and so forth. Not only just the kids but people of all races and ethnicities; everybody love The Sauce. Spanish, Chinese, white, black–everybody love The Sauce.


DX: Harboring on influences, what’s your favorite Texas album of all-time?

Sancho Sauce: Twinz…[Laughs]

Sauce Walka: I ain’t gonna lie. Sauce Twinz we really brought some of the best work that the city has ever seen. Now in my opinion, you gotta understand, Texas was in a crisis before the Sauce Twinz emerged. Houston, was like, “What’s next? What are we gonna do? What are we waiting on?” But, not to just be on the Sauce glory, who we did look up to and a great Texas album that we loved would have to be Fat Pat’s Ghetto Dreams. Fat Pat, SUC, is like one of the best rappers who ever lived like a Tupac. You know, somebody who was really before they time? And taken away from this world before he really got to spread his wings. He rapped about time and situations and cars and things that we’re doing right now that’s still relevant. The whole Screwed Up movement. That’s what we really came up on. And California is part of that too. Because you know that Screw was really into California West Coast music too. I feel like the Sauce Prince of Bel-Air every time we touch down in Cali!

DX: You kicked off the interview with a Hadoken. Are you looking forward to Street Fighter V?

Sauce Walka: You know I’m looking forward to that Street Fighter V. I like that new character that they got for Ken and I also like that alternative layout that they got for Ryu with the mustache on him. That’s what I like about shit like that. That’s what people of fan’s of genres like Street Fighter, Dragonball Z and The Sauce. People love to see these type of characters become real and evolve and do different things but still bring the old combos and certain moves that we like from the original Street Fighter but it feels good and refreshing to see new to it. That’s like what we is. We the Street Fighter V of the Houston fighting game series. I’m Ken and [Sauncho’s] Ryu. Well he Akuma, I mean, I’m tripping. That’s Akuma. He the devil. The fuckin’ devil. [Laughs]

sauce twinz interview 2016

“The Sauce is already a crossover brand. It’s already a household name. It’s just more of us exfoliating a light on the other areas of the Sauce beside our wildness or our brazenness and outbursts and shit like that.”

DX: Lastly, release dates are played out and everything but do you guys have a timeframe when you’re going to drop?

Sauce Walka: I’m not even going to lie to you. We never had release dates. That really could be a fuck-up. That really could be a hiccup in our shit but that’s just really how we feel about our music. When it’s time for you to feel this flavor and anointing—look here. You don’t ask for the Saucy Ghost when you catch it. My grandmother don’t ask for the Holy Ghost when she catch in church. She done went to church seven Sundays in a row but when she hit that special one: Woo! Hallelujah! That’s how that Sauce gon’ be. We going to make sure that when it hit, it hit hard. So right now we just doing the most important things and that’s giving our fans a full Sauce experience. Giving them the videos to their favorite songs. Giving them the complete package so when we give you that New Testament, you better pay attention to that.