The Sauce Twinz are essentially Houston’s anti-heros. Comprising of Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucy, they represent everything the city is not and are walking loose cannons ready to shoot at any given moment. They’re unrefined and they’re winning. They’ve denied the high-hat, soulful Houston sound production. Instead they’ve opted to head over to Atlanta to adopt the more trap-tastic 808s and heavy claps with Sauce Walka preaching in triple time on a reversed track.  Everything Houston is not.

The Sauce Twinz’s effect can be felt throughout the city. Sauce Walka haphazardly voicing his opinion on wack Houston rappers to overtly suggesting that Drake was in need of their co-sign on the “2 Legited 2 Quited” remix, they’ve been able to effectively infect the masses with the sauce despite it all.

Sure the Sauce Twinz are from Houston. However, they represent a source of much-needed change the city has needed for a long time. The city’s rich music scene has been incredibly stagnant commercially since Slim Thug’s Already Platinum and then out of the blue we have two very distinct and quite strange individuals who have stirred up the proverbial “I Am Houston” pot. Simply put, they’re challenging what it means to be from the city. With the release of Travis $cott’s latest studio album Rodeo and the comeuppance of Maxo Kream, there’s something strange going on in H-Town and the Sauce Twinz have certainly spearheaded that movement.

Speaking with HHDX, we learn the value of The Sauce and what it means for the city as a whole.

The Sauce Is A Religion

DX: The way you talk about The Sauce almost sounds religious in a sense or something that should be practiced. Is that how you guys would describe it?

Sauce Walka: Yeah, The Sauce is our religion. It’s how we live. It’s what we believe in. This is what we ride for. This all we got. Sauce.

DX: What does all of that entail?

Sauce Walka: We just got a different understanding of life and about success and the way our thinking pattern should be. We just got a different level and different understanding of that so we feel like through The Sauce and through our hard work and our dedication and tenacity we can achieve anything that we want. We only accept positive vibes. We only accept motivated people and we only deal with motivated people that want to succeed. We believe that family is by relation and not by blood. We don’t believe that family is because you was born into this world together by bloodline. It’s more or less the people you relate with, that really care about you and want to see you go to the different places in life where you are supposed to be at. So that and so many other things is what the sauce embodies aside of the splashing and the flavor and the clothes. It’s just the way we do things.

DX: You’ve guys have gotten a ton of comparison to Atlanta artists, specifically Migos. I know you guys did a song with them and some will even say the term “sauce” came out of Atlanta. How do you guys feel about the comparisons?

Sauce Walka: We get love in Atlanta. I love Atlanta. That’s another home for us. Shout out to Atlanta and everybody in Atlanta that rock with us. The number one thing about greatness is that it’s hard to accept and it’s hard to understand sometimes as well. For us just being so powerful and just having a movement so strong and so brand new, one of the first things that people try to do to something that’s new that you don’t understand is to try to compare it to something else that is the closest to it that you can fathom in your mind, to try to make an understanding of it. The sauce is something that they’ve never seen before the way that we brought it. As you said, you’ve heard the term “sauce” be used in music before, but that’s as far as it went. It was just a word that was used in music to substitute for swag. That’s not what sauce means to us. Sauce is the way we live! Sauce is the way we think! Sauce is the way we breath! It’s the way we function…being greedy. It’s the flavor! It’s the dancing and the way we move. The way we pose! The way we take pictures. The way we talk. And if you listen to our music and our sauce music and our sauce movement and the impact of it and you can compare to other sauce people that did that before us, it’s completely different. People say sauce and they talk about drugs the whole time and they talk about being in the trap the whole time and all that. We rap about sauce lifestyle! What The Sauce has done for me. What The Sauce can do for you! Why you need to believe in Sauce! It’s a whole different understanding. It’s a whole different magnitude. Sauce, as you said, it’s a religion for us. You go and ask other people what you said or that you’re trying to refer about sauce to them and they’re going to say their religion is Christianity or or sauce is just something just to substitute swag. Sauce is our life. That’s what we know. That’s what we do. It’s a very huge different in the severity and seriousness in it.

DX: Has the Atlanta sound been influential in how you guys make music at all?

Sauce Walka: I feel like for us, the world, the game and just anything about life, we influence our life, you feel me? We was just the kids that came up in our city that we did everything out our city and we did everything so much different out of our city. Everybody in our city is slow but our city has always been a fast-paced city. Houston always had big sports teams, big plugs, big events, Super Bowls, All-Star Weekend, regardless of whatever the state of Houston was in the Hip Hop or the music industry, Houston as a city is still the fourth city in America and it’s always going to be a huge market and it’s always going to be a fast-paced city. So for us, we were just the ones that was moving all the way as fast as the city was and we just put that out there and showed the world that. What Houston showed the world was the slowed side with the screw, the slowed up and chopped down and the candy painted cars. We just showing the other side of the city that it’s still all the same thing. We influenced by life, we influenced by what we’ve been through, we influenced by what we see, what we live and what we feel. Music…we love music and we got favorite rappers and things like that, that we get referenced to. RIP Fat Pat.  RIP Big Moe, DJ Screw and the fallen soldiers from the S.U.C. graveyard. Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane from Atlanta. We love Gucci Mane. We rock with Gucci Mane for what he represented but it ain’t got nothing to do with sauce. Gucci Mane really was in the streets who represented that nigga that didn’t give a fuck about what anybody else said. He’s going to say what he means and mean what he say. So, we got love and respect for him for that. But other than that, naw. This our life. The splash baby! I came off the splash. Everything about the sauce and everything that got to do with the sauce came off the splash or that bitches ass. It’s just what it is. The Sauce Twinz invented The Sauce Movement.

DX: The Sauce Twinz invented The Sauce Movement?

Sauce Walka: That’s just what it is. Now maybe somebody else invented or maybe a white person invented..or whoever put sauce in a bottle, that’s who invented the sauce and was the sauce-ier. Whoever was the first person to put the sauce on the chicken, you feel me? The Lord did that. But other than that, the Sauce Twinz made The Sauce lifestyle. The Sauce Twinz make The Sauce Movement and The Sauce Familia and The Sauce Family…Sosamann…these are the people who brought The Sauce to the world. These are the people who made the people love The Sauce because the Sauce Twinz can’t do it without everybody around us. TSF. The Sauce Family.

How The Sauce Infects

DX: “No Features” is one of your more popular songs next to “2 Legited 2 Quited,” and it speaks of not wanting to do features. However, I see you guys still work with a lot of artists and doing features anyway. Who exactly is that message for?

Sauce Walka: That message is exactly for the rappers and for the people that don’t mean what they saying and saying what they mean. People that had opportunities in the rap game because just like there’s a few artists that you see we’ve work with and there’s so many artists that want to work with us that we haven’t worked with because they just don’t have the same belief system that we do so it just wouldn’t be good and wise for us to do music with them because we are just not the type of artists that do music for another artist for a check. We are not the type of artist that will just do music with people just because it’s to do music. We actually care about the message that the music is sending and the origin in which the music is being brought to the world because we care about the legacy. So like you said, you’ve seen us work with artists but if you call out the names, they backgrounds is pretty significant. Like, Lil Boosie, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz, Snootie Wild, Kevin Gates, Shy Glizzy, Young Dolph…people like that. These are certified cats. Young Dolph, Shy Glizzy, Snootie Wild, Lil Boosie…them people all got certified backgrounds in their cities and the respective areas where they from. They not fuck niggas so they can get the features. We all representing something that is real.

DX: After you called Drake out for using Houston culture a video surfaced of you saying you don’t fuck with Houston rappers and you backtracked by saying you were referring to the newer Houston artists not the OGs. How did your peers feel about that video resurfacing? A lot of texts and phone calls?

Sauce Walka: Well, for number one that was a video that has been out for a long time. The thing about that video is, if you watch the full interview, I clearly and specifically said, “Salute to all the OG rappers that paved the way for us like the Slim Thugs and the Paul Walls, and the different artists…Lil KeKe…different artists that you seen us salute Bun B, who we have worked with and deal with. We salute those, but at the same time, we was speaking on some artists that had the money, and we still stand on that, the artists that had the money to start a record label up in Houston but they didn’t start a record label. The artists that had the opportunity to bring up and coming artists on their tours when they was at the peak and pinnacle of their career to show young artists in the city that had talent, how to use that talent and how to use that talent and channel it to get into the position that they in. As you see it gets done in California, Miami and other places so when we was speaking on that, I was speaking on that part. Aside from that, when I spoke on the new artists, which was true as well, is that a lot of artists that was coming up out of Houston, since that last era up until The Sauce, were lost. They didn’t understand how to stand on where they from and make it something that the world wants to see and accept again. Furthermore, not only were they doing that, but they were allowing these other artists to come out here and take our jewels, take our style, and exploit it. That was really what that interview was about but other than that as you see, my city still loves me. My city supports us, everybody is behind us because they know that The Sauce is for them. That’s why the whole city is called Splash Town and everybody around here that’s drippin’, we got season passes. Ain’t nobody in Houston is bothered by them little, small interviews and things like that. And for the people that’s real life Internet junkies they are going to find out the true details and they’ll find the real interview. Once you see the real interview it clearly shows exactly what I am saying. We still saying the same shit. Fuck niggas don’t get no features. Fuck all them niggas that didn’t help us get to where we at and don’t want us to be where we at. We are going to continue to strive and win. The people that do want us to win and see us succeed, keep doing what you doing. Keep sharing the opportunities, keep sharing the knowledge, keep sharing the money because that’s what is going to keep everybody going.


Sauce Twinz Speak Highly Of A$AP Rocky

DX: What are your thoughts on artists from outside of Houston like Drake and A$AP Rocky, who actually got a feature from Pimp C through his wife on his latest album, using the city’s culture to their benefit?

Sauce Walka: The difference between the two, is that it’s one thing to make reference to a style of music and a genre of music in the city and the place. Rocky makes reference to and uses the music and uses the culture and lets everybody know exactly where he got it from. At the same time, [he] does not try and over do it. He still put his main focus into bringing back ‘90s style of New York music and high-end fashion. He stays in his lane. Whereas other artists more or less try to take Houston culture, Houston style. Representing the city, the landmarks and things and make that they whole style…make it thy whole theme maybe because they don’t have that same background to represent on they own. We have such a rich culture. So it’s one thing to use it and make references and salute it. It’s another thing to try and use it and basically own it and be the identity. Saying that to say, I am the identity for Houston. Nah. That’s the difference between Rocky and Drake. And it’s so crazy now because when people try to compare us to different cities or different places, when you look at the details, everything that we rap, say and talk about is all Texas shit. Regardless of the way it’s being delivered to you. It’s not 1999 anymore. It’s not 2005 anymore. It’s 2015. We not talking about Motorola(s) and PrimeCo phones and shit and beepers. We’re talking about iPhone 6s and 7s. I can be talking to you seeing exactly how beautiful you are right now if you wanted to FaceTime. We not driving the same cars we was driving back then. It’s called evolution. That’s why everything we doing is different and at the same time we shooting the same jumpers that Michael Jordan shot and we doing the same cross-over Allen Iverson did and we still trying to get the same championship ring. It’s the same thing it’s just different players. That’s all it is.

DX: So I have to ask…is the “2 Legited 2 Quited (Remix)” with Drake happening?

Sauce Walka: I’m going to tell you like this, the “2 Legited 2 Quited” that you are going to get is the best thing that you probably ever seen and that’s all that needs to be known. We forever are going to be 2 legited 2 quited, ya hear me?

DX: How important are Fred On Em and J-Rag to The Sauce Factory sound?

Sauce Walka: That is  The Sauce Factory sound. That’s how it’s formatted. That’s another thing, like how you was talking about “No Features” earlier, we don’t do a lot of production with a lot of different producers either. We not artists that try to replicate our sound off of the hottest producer out of Atlanta or the hottest producer out of California. All of our main songs and the majority of songs that we put featured artists on are from out of town. We want them to rap on our production. We want them to rap with our producers. We want them to hear our sound and our beats. And another thing, a trademark thing about The Sauce is that the reverse tempo on our beats. We get our whole beats in reverse. Inside out and we still rap on them. We like our beats in reverse like that. It’s similar to screwing music up but instead of screwing it up, it still keeps the same tempo and pace but it still sounds slower because it’s played in reverse. We just bring new things to the game with our same producers. We like to keep everything in-house and not work with too many other producers because we feel like they want to work more with us than we want to work with them. We want to make our team a household name.

DX: How’d you come up with the Sauce Theft Auto theme?

Sauce Walka:  We live in Splash Andreas. Our life and our lifestyle and the world we live in is so similar to Grand Theft Auto so it only makes sense to come out with it right now because we feel like we are in the belly of the beast right now. The belly of the beast is like when you coming up in the middle of the projects and everything was against you but you got to make your way out. The Sauce Theft Auto theme was just about showing the raw part of Houston. Taking you to the raw platform of the city where you can just see, wow, these guys really come from nothing and they really did this all on their own and they’re really trying to take it into deeper details and deeper depth of what Houston has to offer. More or less than just seeing diamonds and big old school cars on rims. Also, we love video games.

DX: I’m assuming Grand Theft Auto a favorite?

Sauce Walka: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Halo, all the Mario(s)…Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong. All the legendary games.  

DX: Lastly, what do you want people to know about the Sauce Twinz?

Sauce Walka: I want them to know that The Sauce is freedom. The Sauce is freedom and no matter what the situation is, no matter what adversity that you’re dealing with, whether that’s being in jail or having cancer. Whether it’s losing a family member or losing your house…your home, as long as you got Sauce in your life, you can be okay. As long as you got The Sauce and the flavor and believe in that, you will make something happen and you will be okay. Ooooweee!