Drake has been know to have a fondness for the city of Houston and its Hip Hop culture. Recently holding his second annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, the Toronto rapper had some of the city’s most legendary musicians speak at the event and celebrated its rich legacy

The Sauce Twinz, a rap duo gaining heavy notoriety in H-Town, recently spoke with Complex about Drake representing a city he isn’t from. While they’re cool with Drizzy, they say he can never fully rep the city because he isn’t truly from there.

“We fuck with the homie Drake. That’s family. He reps it to the best of his ability,” Sauce Walka said when asked about Drake representing Houston. “At the end of the day, and I told him this to his face, by blood he is not from Houston. So by blood he could never rep Houston the proper way it needs to be repped because he isn’t born there.”

The duo also explained an Instagram post they made in which they implied that Drake “used” Houston during his Houston Appreciation Weekend and that it’s a ploy for more publicity.

“It’s plain and simple—a man lying to another man. I didn’t ask Drake for a feature [on ‘2 Legited 2 Quited’]. This was all situations that came upon us while we were doing what we were doing for the city. Drake took it upon himself to say he was going to get on the song, and he lied to us and let us down. We met face to face on many different occasions. He requested for us to come to Las Vegas to meet him at one of his parties and the whole meeting was about linking up with the Sauce Twinz and putting the youth of Houston at a higher pedestal. He looked to us eye to eye at the dinner table and said, ‘I support your movement, and I’m going to do what I can to support you guys.’ It’s like someone trying to recruit a kid in college basketball and not come through. It’s all lies. He takes it upon himself to use references of our music for himself like saying ‘sauced up’ and all that. I just expressed my feelings about it. It ain’t no disrespect. He’s a great artist, but it’s just a situation that should have never happened.​”

Drake would later respond to The Sauce Twinz’ criticism during a performance on the weekend and discredited any claims of him using the city by saying he believes he’s given more than he’s taken from Houston. Read the full Complex interview here.