VannDa reflects on his momentous 2022 in the latest episode of his SKULL 2 documentary titled “INTERNATIONAL STAGE.”

The record-breaking Cambodian hip hop artist recounts his career milestones and experiences working with and performing alongside international artists outside his home country.

Following the release of his Skull 2 (Season 1) album last year, VannDa has since launched a sold-out national tour; high-profile cross-country collaborative singles, including “RUN THE TOWN” with Thai hip hop star F.HERO, featuring 1MILL and SPRITE; and “Young Man” with OG BOBBY.

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“I think ‘Run The Town’ is the first project that I think I have stepped to another level as a Khmer artist,” he shares. Prior to the release, F.HERO pronounced the track to be “history in the making.” Released in April 2022, the music video has since been viewed more than 37 million times on YouTube.

VannDa finally made his debut international performance in September at the ASEAN Music Showcase festival in Singapore, where he, along with his labelmates and collaborators Vanthan and Sophia Kao, represented Cambodia for the second time at the regional showcase (the first time was a pre-recorded set in 2021).

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He said of the experience, “I almost couldn’t believe it myself.” They went on to perform at the return of Big Mountain Festival in Thailand, the biggest international stage they played at, thus far.

The “Time To Rise” hitmaker explains in Khmer, “One year feels like two years. We did a lot of things together. Hopefully, we will open 2023 with a smile together.” And he seems to keep the momentum going, “If we don’t grab the opportunities, like going into [the] international market now, then when?”