Taiwanese hip hop artist SOWUT and Malaysian pop artist Shelhiel collaborate for the UK garage-inflected “Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too).”

The dance floor-ready single is the pair’s latest joint single since 2020’s “Fashion Angel (Asia Remix).”

Produced by Shelhiel, “Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)” is infused with UK garage elements and nostalgic 2000s visual themes.

According to a press statement, the track aims to unpack what perfection means these days, “encouraging listeners to embrace and accept all aspects of themselves as they gaze into their own reflections” as well as advocates for “male empowerment, urging them to break free from traditional alpha male stereotypes and accept their vulnerability and rough patches.”

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This self-reflection narrative is reflected in the track’s accompanying music video, also inspired by a futuristic spin on the early 2000s aesthetic. The message of “Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)” is manifested through selfies, with “each shutter click [capturing] a moment of self-realization,” the artists add.

Watch the video below: