PLAYERTWO’s debut album, HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL. 1, is almost here!

The 8-track album includes pre-launch singles including “THINKIN OF LOVE,” “TIKTIKTOKIN,” and their 2022 singles “HDYF” and the viral hit, “THAT’S MY BABY.”

The Filipino hip hop group will celebrate HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL. 1’s release via an album launch show today (August 17) at Apotheka in Makati City, alongside guest performances by Jetter, Jolianne, crwn, DUANEINSANE, and STEELO.

In our exclusive interview with PLAYERTWO earlier this year, the Davao-based quintet—which is comprised of rapper-producers Ivo Impreso, Luke April, and Wave P, as well as creative directors Ven Villariza and DJ PUHKEN—the group shared that they collaborate in the production process and aren’t afraid to experiment with different sounds or subgenres.

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“It’s all pushed by emotion,” Wave P explains, as he describes how they reconcile their differences when making music together. “Sometimes one of us will show an old beat or lyrics that we made before, and then someone will realize that they have a beat that fits, and we just ride the wave.”

The album will be available on digital streaming platforms starting on August 18 via Warner Music Philippines.

Check out the tracklist below:

Watch the music video for their current single, “THINKIN OF LOVE” below: