Thai rapper Sprite recruits GUYGEEGEE in his latest retro-inspired rap-rock single, “รักใครไม่เป็น” (I Can’t Love Anyone) via HYPE TRAIN.

The Nino-produced track is rapped from the point of view of a hopeless romantic who’s going through a failed romance. Sprite raps, “ตัวเธอเคยมองฉันเป็น Hero / ตอนเธอไปฉันเหลือเเค่ Zero” (She used to see me as a hero / When you leave, I’m just zero).

The accompanying video splices scenes from an ‘80s talent show and the present day, as the two rappers witness rejection—which started from childhood—and comfort the dejected guy. According to an Instagram post from the label, the visual was inspired by iconic scenes from local hit movies such as ‘แฟนฉัน’, ‘สายล่อฟ้า’and  ‘เก๋าเก๋า.’

HYPE TRAIN, one of the most visible hip hop-centered labels in Thailand, is coming off a tremendous success, thanks to the latest collaboration between its artist OG Bobby and Cambodian rap superstar VannDafor “BONG,” with the music video racking up nearly 30 million views since its October premiere.

F.HERO And VannDa Join Forces In ‘RUN THE TOWN’ Ft. 1MILL & SPRITE—See Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Sprite himself has also worked with VannDa and fellow Thai rap stars F.HERO and 1MILL for “RUN THE TOWN” earlier this year.

Watch “รักใครไม่เป็น” below: