Ex Battalion wants you to get one thing straight: they’re at the top and haters can hate all they want.

Their latest track, “We The Best,” sees the Pinoy rap group’s members Brando, Emcee Rhenn, King Badger, Flow G, and Skusta Clee as well as former member JRoa. The 7-minute track features the ensemble driving and posing with flashy cars.

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The group takes turns in taking jabs at their critics, rapping about how their “hate” just help drive their commercial success, if not copy their style. They also mentioned how the naysayers come up with fake news about them to stir controversy.

Earlier this year, Skusta Clee made headlines when he was accused of walking out of his set at a music festival, which the organizers and the rapper’s team denied. The news came after allegations of cheating with his former girlfriend surfaced. In an Instagram post, he seemed to allude to the controversies by writing the caption, “Don’t let these trolls fuck your mental health.”

“We The Best” premiered last October 7 and is currently trending at the #2 spot on YouTube Philippines. The music video also includes high-profile cameos from fellow Filipino rappers, including kiyo, Shanti Dope, Paul N Ballin, Gloc-9, Pricetagg, ALLMO$T, and Nik Makino.

Watch the music video for “We The Best” here: