The fallout from Skusta Clee’s cheating allegations continues.

On Wednesday (June 15), the organizers of Pandayo Alon Music Festival issued a statement refuting a social media post by entertainment portal saying that Filipino rapper and Ex Battalion member Skusta Clee walked offstage during his performance on Sunday, June 12.

Ang article na ito ay walang katotohanan. Natapos ni Skusta Clee ang kanyang performance sa Alon.Nagkaron lang sya ng bahagyang hirap sa paghinga, ngunit ang buong set ng EXB at mismong set nya ay maayos at masayang natapos.”

(There is no truth to this article. Skusta Clee finished his performance at Alon smoothly. He just had difficulty breathing, but he finished his whole set and Ex-Batallion’s set, happily and smoothly.)

Another report by indicated that several videos circulated online show Skusta Clee “seemingly in pain, shaking his head and patting his chest, as he moved to the back portion of the stage.”

Some social media users, however, speculated that the recent incident was related to another festival, Clark Aurora Fest 2022, where Skusta Clee also performed last Friday (June 10), where some footage show the rapper being booed by the audience, and some seen raising their middle finger, as members of the crowd chanted “cheater.”

The artist is currently embroiled in cheating allegations following his recent separation from his girlfriend, YouTube personality Zeinab Harake, who accused Skusta Clee of leaving her by herself during her pregnancy to their second child, who later died.

Shortly after, Skusta Clee was featured in Gloc 9’s single, “Kumpisal” (Confession), which seemingly hints at the breakup. He said in a press conference for the track, “Mas natutunan kong mahalin ‘yung sarili ko. Kailangan mo talagang unang mahalin ‘yung sarili mo kasi hindi ka matututong magmahal ng iba kung ‘di mo mamahalin muna ang sarili mo.”(I learned more how to love myself. You need to love yourself first because you can’t love other people if you don’t do that first.)

The artist has not yet commented on the latest walkout issue but left a cryptic message on his most recent Instagram post, posted yesterday, the 16th, where he wrote, “Don’t let these trolls fuck your mental health.”

Update: June 20, 2022, 11:10 am PST

On Friday evening (June 17), a statement was released on Skusta Clee’s official Facebook page, disputing the reports. It read, in part, “SC was not booed by majority of the crowd during the Aurora Hot-air Balloon Festival. The SC team, alongside the CEO of Epic events and its production team (organizers of the Aurora Fest 2022) were all on stage watching the crowd’s reaction and we did not witness anything like that. If SC was being booed he would not have enjoyed his performance as much as we did. The crowd even requested for SC to do a specific song, which he gladly sang… SC did not walk out of the event. He just had to pause and step back during the performance as he was suffering from acid reflux & heart burn. He came back a while later after he felt better, and continued to jam with ExB.”

“It is disappointing that this online entertainment news website published these articles with claims that are solely based on video clips without even trying to reach out to our team to verify them. We are not saying that SC had no detractors present during the aforementioned events, but the overall reception of the crowd of SC in both festivals were amazing and nothing like how social media portrays it.”

It continued, “SC and the team have tried to stay silent amidst all issues; but this does not mean that it has not affected SC. These past events have taken a toll on his physical and mental health, which has affected his performances too. SC recognizes that as a public figure, it is inevitable to keep his personal issues private; and that is why despite all these, he still tries his best to perfect his craft, make good music, and give everything he’s got during performances.” While the statement did not specifically mentioned what the “personal issues” were, the rapper has not directly addressed the cheating accusations of his former girlfriend, Zeinab Harake.

Over the Father’s Day weekend, Harake posted a photo with a caption, “Happy father’s day sa mga tunay na tatay jan saludo sa inyo at sa mga single mommy jan tayo ang tunay na malakas hindi natin kailangan ng okasyon para mag paka nanay/tatay MAGULANG sa anak natin araw-araw.” (Happy Father’s Day to the real fathers out there. I salute you and all single mommies—those who are strong and don’t need an occasion to be mothers/ fathers [and] PARENTS to our child every day.)