FELIP continues to enchant Filipino audiences with a performance of his solo hit, “Bulan” (Moon), on the Philippine’s Wish 107.5 Bus, a popular radio and online show that showcases the performances of rising and mainstream Filipino artists.

The SB19 member recently showcased the song on the Grammy Awards’ Global Spin Awards, which has grossed over 200,000 views since its premiere on the Recording Academy’s YouTube channel. “Bulan” is FELIP’s second single as a solo artist and has been met with praise from fans ever since it was released last May 28. Fans swarmed the Wish Bus during his performance to support FELIP.

The single was originally supposed to premiere last May 15 but was postponed following the aftermath of Philippines’ national and local elections, with FELIP and his team encouraging listeners to take the time to “use this time to pause, reflect, and pray for guidance, peace, and for the will of God to prevail.”

Upon “Bulan’s” music video release, allegations of copying EXO member Lay Zhang’s song, “Lit,” have surfaced. FELIP released a statement refuting the claims, highlighting that the song and its accompanying visual were based on Filipino history, mythology, and chants.

Since then, the music video has breached over a million views on the artist’s YouTube channel. FELIP also recently performed the “Bulan” on the Philippine musical variety show, All-Star Sunday Afternoon Show (ASAP) Natin To, marking the singer’s first full live performance since he embarked on his solo career last year.

“Bulan” follows FELIP’s solo debut, “Palayo” (Further), which was named one of HipHopDX Asia’s “20 Best Songs of 2021.” We wrote of the track, “’Palayo’ illuminates a love that has exhausted its limits, pushing no further than what has already been done. It’s always invigorating to witness our favorite artists reinvent themselves through vastly different sounds, bodies of work, and aesthetics. It almost feels intimate, as if, by some trick of fate, we’ve been indicted into a web of secrecy that makes us feel special and chosen.”

Watch FELIP’s performance of “Bulan” on the Wish 107.5 Bus here:

Watch the music video for “Bulan” here: