Filipino singer-songwriter FELIP, also known as Ken from SB19, finally reveals the music video for his sophomore effort, “Bulan.” The music video for the highly anticipated single premiered today (May 28). 

The track pays homage to Philippine mythology, with mention of prolific figures like the moon-eating dragon Bakunawa and moon goddess Haliya. Drawing inspiration from this lore, the video features FELIP dressed in fantastical costumes reminiscent of traditional Philippine clothing and makes use of synchronized choreography to bring the cinematic visual together. 

Throughout the preparation for his comeback, the artist has also been making use of celestial elements and like his previous single “Palayo” (Farther), incorporates his native tongue of Bisaya and the national language of Filipino. 

The video features FELIP performing choreography that mimics the grace of shamanic rituals in the middle of a desert, while incorporating other fantastical elements like a dragon’s eye to represent Bakunawa. The track itself blends together influences drawn from hip hop, rock, and R&B with the artist making use of creative imagery in the lyrics itself. 

In a disclaimer for the visual, FELIP and his team reiterated that the song and the music video “are the artist and his team’s creative interpretation of our nation’s collective memory of Filipino ancient deities. Definitive resources for this aspect of our culture have been destroyed during the colonial period, hence, the goal for this release is to encourage the youth to dig deep, discuss, and keep this aspect of our memory alive for generations to come.”

Originally slated for a May 15 and 16 release date, respectively, “Bulan” was postponed in light of “a historic event that will shape our future,” alluding to the aftermath of the Philippines national and local elections, which took place on May 9. In a statement, FELIP’s team “encourages everyone to use this time to pause, reflect, and pray for guidance, peace, and for the will of God to prevail.”

Watch the “Bulan” music video below: