These days, you can find everything on the ‘Gram. From updates about your favorite artists to discovering the future of the culture in pretty much every corner of the app itself, no moment goes unnoticed in a mass media driven world. Instagram has long been a mainstay for photographers and video lovers alike, but the app also serves a very special purpose for musicians, celebrities and anyone who wants to get their voice heard and connect with each other.

This week’s edition of Instagram Flexin’ includes Cardi B’s post-court appearance surprise and Wiz Khalifa clowning around with Shiggy.

Cardi B Informed Of Grammy Nominations After Court Appearance

As Cardi exited court for a pending assault case, she was surprised to learn she was nominated for five Grammys. The news hit while she was away from her phone during the proceedings.

Wiz Khalifa’s Skit With Shiggy

Shiggy couldn’t handle the Taylor Gang leader’s dressing room weed smoke.

Joyner Lucas Quotes Tekashi 6ix9ine

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????????????????????????????????????????? “I AINT NEVER HAD NO GRAMMY OR NO MUTHAFUKIN RIBBON FUCK THE SYSTEM IM THAT NIGGA!!!” holy fucking shit… bro I dreamed of this shit. I cried for this shit! I’m the fucking UNDERDOG!! I been the underdog! I been screaming from a mountain top for years and putting my blood sweat and tears into this shit! Im a young nigga from NEW ENGLAND MASSACHUSETTS and the ONLY rap nigga who made it this far where I’m from. I direct all my own videos. Me and @btproulx work our ass off to make this shit come to life… niggaz told me NOT TO RELEASE IM NOT RACIST. I went againts the grain. I’m the only nigga nominated that directed his own video! Let’s take this shit home!!! I appreciate you all for making this possible. Every fan and every supporter. To anybody who ever stood in my way and made shit difficult for me and counted me out,, in the words of @6ix9ine “SUCK MY DICK!!!!”

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In the midst of celebrating his Grammy nominations, Joyner Lucas used 6ix9ine’s words for his haters.

Q Tip’s Sweet Message To His Mother

A Tribe Called Quest’s frontman wished his mom a happy birthday and dedicated his radio show to her.

Rihanna’s Words For A Fan Battling Cancer

Rihanna shared some kind words on a photo of a fan battling cancer.

Curren$y Teases New Music

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It looks like Pilot Talk 4 is in the works.