Police have reportedly charged 10 alleged gang members in connection to a string of Los Angeles burglaries. Over the past few months, several celebrities’ houses —  including Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home — have been broken into and now, authorities say they have the culprits in custody.

According to TMZ, a neighbor of NFL player Robert Woods reached out to local police to report a robbery at his house. After the suspect’s arrest, they discovered several items connected to the other high profile cases.

One of the four initial suspects has been released, but seven other men — all between the ages of 18 and 25 — have been arrested. The charges include criminal street gang conspiracy, first-degree residential burglary and home invasion robbery.

Police say the crew hit over 24 homes belonging to celebrities such as LeBron James, Yasiel Puig and, of course, RiRi. They were allegedly targeting a dozen more and had actress Viola Davis in their sights.

A couple of men were caught on surveillance video as they attempted to burglarize Puig’s home. 10 Alleged Gang Members Charged In Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills Home Burglary Cops believe the group nabbed over $1 million in stolen property, including $50,000 cash, watches, purses and a vehicle.

[This article has been updated. The original version was published on September 26, 2018 and can be found below.]

Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home was reportedly broken into on Tuesday night (September 25) —  the second time in four months. According to TMZ, police were alerted to the scene after an alarm went off around 10:30 p.m. local time.

LAPD surrounded the home, which was unoccupied at the time. Neighbors told the officers they saw up to three suspects escape in a silver vehicle after the alarm was tripped. So far, no suspects are in custody and whether they managed to get anything out of the house is undetermined.

RiRi’s home was broken into back in May by a man who was allegedly waiting to have sex with the Barbadian superstar. He was arrested and charged with felony stalking and burglary.

Last month, Rihanna’s alarm was accidentally triggered and cops went to her home again.

Meanwhile, RiRi just wrapped up a Savage x Fenty fashion show and is getting ready to launch her Fenty Beauty products at Sephoras and JC Pennys on October 1.