Master P and the No Limit Boys visited HipHopDX’s weekly Music Meeting last Thursday (March 24) and played exclusive music from their upcoming project, The Grind Don’t Stop. Comprised of Moe Roy, Ace B, J. Slugg and Blaq n Mild, the No Limit Boys are the face of the refurbished Tank. P’s been in the gym—err, the studio—quietly over the past few years, studying rap’s modern sound, planning his return to the top of the charts. The group played their latest release “Party Favors,” as well as “Fenessen,” “Middle Finga,” and the soon-to-be released “The Dealer.” J. Slugg and Blaq n Mild man the boards, concocting a sound equal parts trap, bounce and street. HB may be one of the most capable emcees in No Limit history. Not only is Moe Roy a star in-the-making and 1000% entertaining, but he’s definitely the first artist to moonwalk-slash-zombie in #DXHQ.

In between tracks, Master P tackled everything from rebuilding No Limit to Kevin Gates’ work ethic to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to the passing of Phife Dawg. He even shared his plan for a No Limit reunion tour.

“I’ve been dealing with Alki David who do all the holograms [though his company Hologram USA],” the mogul born Percy Miller told HipHopDX exclusively. “Maybe we’re gonna have a hologram No Limit special. We’re pretty deep in the conversations, doing some holograms for the whole No Limit camp.”

That was one thing discussed during Master P and the No Limit Boys’ visit to DX’s weekly Music Meeting. Here are 16 more:

All told in Master P’s own words. 

C-Murder & Boosie Badazz’ Penitentiary Chances

“I think it’s a great project. I think they both share the same views, they’ve been through the same things. My life is about being free and being able to expose that to the next generation. I’m praying for my brother right now. He’s an innocent man. Hopefully he’ll be able to come through this. Family members go through everything. Me and C will get into it then we’ll beat somebody up an hour later. Shout out to C, man. Hold your head up. Hopefully he’ll come home soon because he’s innocent.

Barack Obama Possibly Pardoning C-Murder

“We definitely hope that happens for him because he deserves [to be pardoned]. This is not something that he’s done. Sometimes even as stars we can’t be in the wrong place. We gotta go in there with the proper security. It’s definitely a learning lesson for everybody’s that’s free. I got another homeboy that’s been incarcerated a long time, Mac, that got caught up in the club. I tell everybody, if you go to the club, go with the proper security. A lot of people know that there are a lot of haters out there. We gotta know how to think and how to move now.

Rap Lyrics Used As Evidence In Court

“If you out there in these streets, you know that your lyrics are gonna come back on you. Me and Krazy talk about that all the time. Krazy’s probably been the most loyal artist to the date. We bonded. We homeboys. People like that, it’s bigger than just the music. We talk everyday. We realize that your music will come back on you if you get in trouble. If you don’t get in trouble, who’s gonna play your music if you’re doing the right thing? That’s why I changed my life. I got into the music business to change. Most people get into it to become tough and hard. That ain’t the case with me. I wanted a better way for my family. I wanted to live. I wanted to be free and watch my kids grow up. Most people want to show how tough they is because they’re a street artist. All the real street dudes that’s locked up, when they get out of jail, they’re tryna find a job. They’re tryna change they life.

Beats By The Pound

Beats by the Pound, man, that’s a long time ago. Them dude’s done got old. They done. The sound done changed. Shout out to KL and all of them. They were some of the best of their time. But even like a Kobe Bryant, once that time catch up with you, you gotta change. They don’t have to change. A lot of them are still into the sound they put out. It’s like me doing the music that I did 10 years ago. I couldn’t do it and be able to compete. A lot of them are doing different things now. Shout out to Beats By The Pound for the time we was hot. That was an incredible sound they had in the 1990s. But now it’s 2016. It’s about changing with the times. You can be unique but the music changes. The times have changed. I was a step behind. I had to get out, get my team strong. This motivated me to get out and do what I do.

Mystikal & Moe Roy’s Similarities

Mystikal is one of the most talented people I ever met. Like I said, [Moe Roy] is like Mystikal on steroids right here. That’s nothing to take away from Mystikal. Mystikal’s one of the most talented brothers in the world. By him being young, his work ethic, reminds me of how Mystikal was. Mystikal dances and moves. A lot of artists don’t do that because they’re afraid it’ll take away from their street credibility. Nah. Mystikal’s the best. I’m always gonna work with Mystikal, Fiend, Mr. Serve-on, Mia X. Everybody that kept it 100, I’m gonna work with them. Snoop Dogg.

No Limit’s Most Slept-On Artist

“People slept-on Mac and he got in trouble so they never got a chance to feel his real talent. He could’ve been an incredible star because at that time nothing was bigger than us and he was one of the best talents on the label. Just raw talent. We had a helluva record with Nas, “Ghetto Love Song.” He went crazy on that record with Nas. At that time, you couldn’t touch Nas. Big shout out to Nas for keeping it 100 and coming and doing this thing with us.

Kevin Gates

“Nobody knew who Kevin Gates was, but Kevin Gates put in the work. I feel like he’s one of the top stars now because of the work he put in. He kept at it. A lot of people fell off when Kevin Gates built his start. For Louisiana to come back and be a part of the South, that’s because Kevin Gates put the work in.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

“Khloe Kardashian. Is you kidding me? Who is that? I’m just kidding. [Laughs] I like Khloe, man. I haven’t talked to either of them, Khloe or Lamar. I’ve seen them in the neighborhood walking. I seen James Harden, but not recently. I’m gonna get on James Harden when I see him. He shouldn’t have even messed with that. That wasn’t cool. You out there making money. You don’t need the marketing. You don’t need the press. A lot of basketball players think they need a girl that’s on a reality show for marketing. For what? You’re the one making the money. If you look at it, what you need that for? You want that type of exposure? I wouldn’t. But James Harden, that’s my little homie. He’s out there, got his mind right, doing what he gotta do. Don’t go back up there because that’s not your lane. You’re doing good, homie. Lamar, I don’t know, man. That’s a funny relationship. I don’t know how that’s gonna work. I just feel like he was just placed there [at Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo listening]. I don’t think he was really there to be there in a relationship. It’s like having somebody with you that’s sick and you just take them wherever you wanna take them. That’s how I see it. I see it as they’re doing the most. I don’t think the man really wanted to be there or he didn’t know. I hope he get it together because that’s a talented brother and a brother with a good heart. That’s why I spoke up for him. I know nobody was gonna speak up for him because they looked at the negative stuff he did. I look besides that. I hope he find him a good woman.

Phife Dawg

“That’s definitely sad. [Phife Dawg] was very talented. Artists now gotta take care of their health. Basketball has been a big thing to me. I stay in the gym. With my kids, I gotta go at them. I gotta keep them right.

Jarren Benton & Bankroll Fresh

“Little homie’s definitely talented. I wish [Jarren] the best. He’s from Atlanta. He’s talented, man. Also, rest in peace Bankroll Fresh. Homie was on his way. He was talented.

Relationship With J. Prince

“With me and J. Prince, we got a good relationship because I got the game from him. He opened the doors for me. Me being from the South, I had never seen nobody with a business like his and being able to come from the streets and get into the music business. I always shout him out because he kept it 100 with me. I’ve always respected him. I feel like that’s how this generation gotta be. You gotta know who the boss is and the underboss. This generation, everybody wants to be the boss. If J. Prince told me something, I’m gonna listen because that’s my OG. I feel like this is somebody that I gotta respect and this person showed me how to get bread. I never seen it from the East Coast side with [Puff Daddy], even though Puffy kids and my kids played together so we ran into each other like that. I learned the game from the South and the independent side from the Bay Area. Like a Herm Lou, In A Minute, City Hall Records. I’ve been out there in Fillmore with JT The Bigga Figga. That’s where my roots go and I always pay homage to the Bay Area for showing me that independent love and J. Prince for opening that business side with not being a rapper. Everybody wants to be a rapper, but being a real boss and being respected [is important]. Everybody wants to be in the business but a lot of these people aren’t respected. A lot of these people take money and they get into it with their friends. I can’t get into with this man because I respect him.

The Ultimate Master P Meme

Master P Meme

That’s crazy. [Laughs] I changed my life. That’s all I can tell you. I had a lot of dreams. I grew up in a bad place and I had to do what I had to do for my family. I thank the man up above that I was able to change my life and do what I want to do now. That’s how God protected me out there because I didn’t love being on the block. Who wants to be out there getting shot at, going to jail, might be killed. I been shot at and missed. I was like, ‘I must be about to make it in this music.’ I could’ve been in the penitentiary all over this foolishness. We have to really want to change our lives, especially as black young men. We always wanna die young. Why not get rich and die old? You don’t wanna enjoy your life? It’s crazy how a life is disposable now and they happy to say it. Shout out to all the angels that protected me, my grandmother up in heaven for allowing me to do what I wanna do.

On I Got The Hookup Sequel

“Romeo the boss. It’s Romeo’s world. He’s running the company. He’s running the brand. I feel like together, we’ve found some of the best talent in the world. 2016 and 2017, get ready for the Tank again. Romeo is working on part 2 to the movie so you’re gonna see an I Got The Hookup [sequel]. Romeo’s deep into making movies. [I Got The Hookup] Part 2 is coming.

On The No Limit Boys

“I started all over. I’m the only boss on the grind on the block. Like Rocky, I had to go back and get my eye of the tiger. My youngsters are ready. We’re ready to go up against anything. We’re gonna see two or three of these guys on the Freshmen cover. It’s their work ethic. What I see in the gym—we call the studio the gym because you gotta stay in the gym if you wanna be like Lebron James. They stay in the gym. They’re gym rats. A lot of people think they’re in the music business. Without a hit record, you ain’t in the music business. The grind don’t stop. That’s the name of the album: The Grind Don’t Stop.

On No Limit’s New Producers

“J Slugg and Blaq n Mild are producing for No Limit. Blaq n Mild is the dopest thing around because he gonna put that bounce in there but he’s gonna put in that street. He’s from New Orleans, ain’t nobody better. Putting him and Slugg together, we got the best of both worlds.

Building No Limit Vs. Rebuilding No Limit

“I think building it from nothing was more difficult [than rebuilding] because of the power of the Internet. You can touch more people. I had to hit every city, every hood out the trunk and give them my music. The thing about the Internet is it can hurt you, too. You gotta be real and show real love and real loyalty to the fans, too because that’s who makes you. A lot of these guys don’t care about their fans. We love our fans because those are the ones that fight for you when nobody else believes in you or your music. This is how you get your music on the radio: Through your fans that’s on the Internet. Our DM been going crazy because people love the music. It ain’t about what I did 20 years ago. It’s about what I’m doing now. Nobody remembers what you did 10 or 20 years ago. People say ‘Master P, you’re a legend.’ I’m cool, but you can’t write me out with that because I ain’t done. I got my second wind.”

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