Sonny Digital has had a production career most beatmakers only dream of. After breaking out with a placement behind YC and Future’s “Racks” over a decade ago, SD has played a major role in laying the soundscape for the Atlanta rap takeover.

At just 31 years old, he still wants more out of his career. After dipping his toes in the booth as a rapper, Sonny Digital is fully diving in. On Tuesday (May 10), Sonny Digital — born Sonny Uwaezuoke — revealed in an interview with Billboard he’s signing as an artist to DJ Drama’s Generation Now.

“It feels great. I have genuine support,” Digital told Billboard. “Not to say I needed any help, but everyone has to have some help. It is dope to have someone from home rocking out and helping me push the music.

“My relationship with Don [Cannon] is what made me want to do it. He has been around since Metro Boomin came into the game. He was always there for us, and helped us as if he had some financial interest in it, even when he didn’t. It feels good to bring it all together and start doing business together.”

Last month, Sonny Digital flexed his rapping prowess by teaming up with SSGKobe for “Guess What,” which was released on April 19 via Atlantic Records.

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As far as what’s ahead in joining a roster stacked with Jack Harlow and Lil Uzi Vert, look for his full-length debut album, Mr. Digital, to arrive later this year. However, his producer days aren’t over just yet.

“I do not want to stop being a producer, but I do not want it at the forefront anymore,” he continued. “There are a lot of factors that make this wheel turn. We are working on everything to figure it out.”