Erykah Badu is composed of equal parts gangster and spiritual goddess, characteristics that have defined her career since the jump. Whether rapping alongside Common or singing with Jill Scott, the neo-soul artist has always remained Hip Hop at the core.

One particular person caught Badu’s gangster side on Monday (November 8) when they dared to invade her spiritual bubble. As Ms. Badu was sending her love to fellow Houston native Travis Scott in the wake of Friday’s (November 5) Astroworld tragedy, someone decided to rain on her parade — but it didn’t end well for the Twitter warrior.

“Bless you @trvisXX,” she wrote. “Safe Journey to all the souls. I’m so sorry.” Someone who goes by the Twitter handle @saviorisntme fired back, “NURSE SHES OUT AGAIN!!!,” a jab at Badu’s mental health. It didn’t take Badu long to respond with, “Fuk u ho.”

The comment section erupted with jokes and memes, with many finding Badu’s retort hilarious. Others tried to suggested the antagonizer had a point and wondered why Badu was showing any sympathy for Scott at all.

After all, Scott is facing heavy criticism for his perceived inaction at the Astroworld Festival on Friday night (November 5) as chaos unfolded. Around 9:38 p.m. local time, emergency personnel declared a “mass-casualty incident” at 9:38 p.m. local time as about 55 Houston Fire Department units responded and started performing CPR.

An hour into his set, Scott reportedly noticed an emergency vehicle with sirens cutting through the crowd and shouted, “What the fuck is that?” then added, “If everybody good, put a middle finger up to the sky! You know what you came here to do.” Meanwhile, a woman and man climbed up to the side of the stage and started screaming at the cameraman that somebody was “dead” in the crowd, but the show went on for another 37 minutes.

Travis Scott Under Fire For Continuing To Perform For 37 Minutes As Astroworld Tragedy Unfolded

Once Live Nation and Scott finally stopped the show, eight people were dead and over 300 had been injured. Scott, Drake and the promoters are currently being sued by multiple attendees who are citing “gross negligence” as grounds for a lawsuit.

Scott has vowed to pay for the funerals for the deceased and continues to insist he had no idea how serious the situation had become. In an Instagram video posted on Saturday (November 6), Scott expressed how devastated he was by the gruesome turn of events. Check it out below.