With all the controversy surrounding the Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams album, Method Man has been mum about the situation. Recently, Meth went on Whoo Kid’s show to speak on those within the camp who said their piece about the album as well as touch on a supposed beef between Wu and G-Unit.

Meth began by saying that he’ll never speak ill about his Wu brothers.

“You never had me go in and shit on any of my niggas, even if we just had an argument,” he began before addressing Ghost and Rae’s words about RZA and the album.

“When Rae and Ghost came out and said what they said, then that’s peace right there,” Meth said. “But for all the rest of y’all motherfuckas out there? Shut the fuck up. If you were a sideline ‘B’ artist and you got an album out, you should be grateful to RZA for even putting your ass out there because your album came out way before niggas that deserved it. Yall shut your fucking mouths!”

The Meth rant continued as the anger built up and led to him calling out one person in particular.

“Y-Kim? Yeah I said your name and I’m saying it again. Y-Kim, I’m whopping your ass when I see you my nigga!”

Y-Kim, who was featured on “What Thee Blod Clot” off of Method Man’s Tical album and also produced on Killah Priest’s Heavy Mental album found himself spewing venom towards RZA and said 8 Diagrams was the Wu-Tang “embarrassing themselves.”

“How are you gonna go on some internet radio show and air my brother out,” Meth asked. “Not only air my brother out but air the rest of us out…Papa Wu, if you’re listening, spit in that niggas face!”

Meth broke into a 5 minute tirade running down the Wu affiliate and promised that this wasn’t an idle threat.

As for the rumors surrounding U-God’s lawsuit with the Wu, Meth kept it real simple.

“They said U-God is suing Wu for 170k…that’s it?”

Meth then went on to stomp out the rumors that there is a rift between Wu-Tang and G-Unit after supposed words said by 50 Cent about GZA. Meth denounced the beef being blown up to something much bigger than it should be.

“As far as a Wu-Tang and G-Unit beef, if there is I haven’t seen none.”