Love it or hate it, the adage sex sells continuously finds a way to prove itself accurate within the music industry. The most recent artist to discover this first hand is Atlanta-native BRS Kash, whose 2020 single “Throat Babies” managed to ascend the ranks — earning nods from names like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Trippie Redd and more.

The official remix, which dropped January 21, features City Girls and one of the game’s brightest stars, DaBaby.

Most prominently, the track landed the young MC a partnership for his Team Litty imprint with LVRN/Interscope, home to acts like 6LACK, Summer Walker and DRAM, all of whom have seen commendable commercial success.

While the salacious smash (which Kash noted in an interview he hesitated even to release for obvious reasons) is pushing his career into overdrive, it’s important to note that it’s far from the first fellatio-focused song to impact the culture. Songs dedicated to this particular sexual practice have a track record in delivering some career highs, whether on the charts, in sales, or just in long-term musical legacy.

It’s only right to start any Hip Hop head convo with the “Pussy Monster” himself, Weezy F. Baby (assuming the F, in this case, is for fellatio). Wayne had already been in the game for years by the time he dropped his sixth solo studio album, the third installment of his storied Carter series, in 2008. However, the LPs seminal first-single “Lollipop” (a not-so-subtle oral sex reference) was his true commercial breakout, standing as his only single to date to top Billboard’s Hot 100. It is also his highest-selling single, earning its eighth RIAA platinum certification this past September.

Three years earlier, Ludacris’ Disturbing tha Peace artist Shawnna (the crew’s First Lady) made her largest impact (before fading into relative obscurity) with the aptly titled “Gettin’ Some Head.” The track (which samples Too $hort’s “Blowjob Betty,” which appeared on $hort’s 1993 Billboard 200 Top 10 LP Shorty the Pimp) earned Shawnna a platinum plaque and propelled her sophomore LP Block Music to No. 13 on the Billboard 200.

While “Gettin’ Some Head” outsold it’s OG muse, “Blowjob Betty” (a song which details involuntary manslaughter via blowjob) still manages to retain an elite status among the millions of diehard fans that tuned into his Verzuz battle against E-40.

The song may be a little too deep cut for casual Too $hort fans, but some artists have tracks dedicated to getting more brains than a Master’s Degree that have become signatures, inescapable throughout their careers.

Tear Da Club Up Thugs, a subset of the Three 6 Mafia (consisting of DJ Paul, Lord Infamous and Juicy J), dropped CrazyNDaLazDayz in 1999, which contained the immortal oral anthem, “Slob On My Knob.” Aside from becoming a tune that Juicy J will be asked to perform until his last breath, it has also inspired numerous other tracks over the years. Most notably (and recently), it was the basis for ASAP Ferg’s 4x platinum single “Plain Jane” and G-Eazy’s 5x platinum “No Limit” featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B.

Still, few tracks have achieved the cult-classic status of Akinyele’s 1996 Al Green and Brick-sampled underground smash “Put It in Your Mouth,” featuring the seductive vocals of singer Kia Jeffries. Akinyele was part of a cohort that included Nas. The two friends made their first notable appearance on Main Source’s “Live From The BBQ” in 1991. Still, following his Vagina Diner LP’s poor commercial performance, it was the raunchy, quotable filled banger that not only put him on the map but has kept him relevant over almost 25 years removed.

When it comes to making NSFW headbangers (pun intended), it would appear that BRS Kash is in great historical company.

Whether “Throat Babies” will reach his “Put It in Your Mouth” status remains to be seen — though it feels like a direct descendant of the timeless ode. There is every reason to believe his upcoming EP Kash Tape will live up to the naughty hype he’s generated.

BRS Kash’s Kash Tape is available everywhere on January 22, 2021. Stream it here.