New York radio DJ Funk Flex may have just tarnished the memory of a legacy-building moment from Drake’s early career moves. The sincerity of his claims are questionable, though, considering he revealed the information during an Instagram Live session promoting his upcoming album.

Flex addressed the now-infamous 2009 Hot 97 Blackberry freestyle with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on Tuesday (January 12), declaring Drizzy actually rehearsed the entire bit.

In addition to insisting the OVO boss didn’t actually pen the bars he spits at all, he constructed the narrative the Toronto star’s early 2000s smartphone-turned-prop is proof of the attempted fraud.

“Me and Drake, we practiced that verse in the room already,” Flex started off finger-pointing into the camera. “He didn’t need the Blackberry because we practiced it in the room first, with no Blackberry! So, when the camera came out, he pulled out the Blackberry.”

He continued, “You wanna know why? As a rapper, if you look at a guy with a Blackberry, you  go, ‘Oh he must’ve wrote those words.’ He already knew the words when me and him were practicing in the room. Think about what he’s putting forward, ‘Oh the cameras out, let me show you this Blackberry as if I wrote these rhymes.’ He didn’t fucking write those freestyle rhymes on my show, I know he didn’t write it — he memorized.”

After Flex dropped the bomb, he went on to say his accusation was not based on his personal relationship with the Scorpion artist — even though last year Drake called the DJ out on IG and labeled him a “pussy.” In fact, he actually goes on to say he believes Drake could’ve been better than the greatest rapper alive, which he believes is JAY-Z, if the ghostwriting rumors Drizzy addressed in his 2019 Rap Radar interview weren’t exposed.

“You know if those reference tracks would’ve never happened, Drake would be my favorite rapper of all time,” Flex declared before doubling down. “He would’ve surpassed JAY-Z in my book — if it wasn’t for the reference tracks. If those reference tracks did not come out, Drake was the number one rapper of all time! Do not get it fucked up!”


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It appears to be more premeditated, rather than rooted in coincidence, Flex’s bold claims are going viral on the internet — the Hot 97 DJ just initiated the rollout of his upcoming “Game Time” single featuring Fivio Foreign, which is expected to arrive on Friday (January 15).

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Foreign is also making waves with his peers and recently popped up in the studio with Lil Yachty following his recent run-ins with Nas, Hit-Boy and Dream Doll.

Tap into the full two-hour conversation below.


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