While appearing on the Sprite green carpet for the BET Hip Hop Awards, which taped over the weekend, singer/writer T-Pain was asked about the recent ghostwriting incident involving Drake, during an interview with Hip-Hop Wired.

T-Pain was specifically asked about artists collaborating with others to create a record. The Florida musician went on to explain that artists working together to create a verse or a record has happened for years now.

He went on to add that the Drake ghostwriting incident “wasn’t a big deal” in his opinion, but did explain that people felt lied to by the Canadian singer/rapper.

“That’s been happening for years,” T-Pain said. “I mean, that’s been decades. So, the only thing I think people got shooken up is if somebody says that they’re the best and they don’t say that ‘I’m the best. I got the best team doing this. I’m collectively the best.’ Then it kinda gets like ‘Oh, you lied. We found out you lied.’ It’s like a Milli Vanilli thing. They was the best singers for a while until we found out that they weren’t the singers. So, that’s pretty much all it is. It’s just if you create an illusion, be prepared for it to be put out. Be prepared for the illusion to be unmasked…It wasn’t a big deal. People just felt lied to.”

During his interview, T-Pain also shared some insight into his next studio album, which he’s currently working on. He says he reworked the project, which he revealed feels more like an art piece now.

“It’s pretty dope now. Every song is connected…It’s a piece of work now. It’s like a body. It’s an art piece now,” he said, in regards to his album.

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