T-Pain says that he sings live at all of his shows and doesn’t use his trademark auto-tune technique when performing.

“I’m not here to prove anything,” T-Pain told Complex following his live performance of the U.S. National Anthem at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on August 31. “I sing live at my shows all the time. I never use auto-tune at my shows. When people hear it they still think — people are going to think what they think basically. Ain’t no reason to sit back and try to prove anything. I’m not gon’ demand respect, I’m just gon’ earn it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, T-Pain offered some insight into his forthcoming musical projects and explained why they’ll feature less auto-tune that his previous efforts.

“I’m not trying to make a club album,” he says. “I’m not trying to make a radio album. I’m trying to make an album that I wanna make, just a T-Pain album. A little less auto-tune, I’m over it. I started auto-tune to sound different from the crowd, and now I’m just going to end up sounding like everybody else again. So, it’s a T-Pain album, man. I’m having fun. I’m in the club. I’m kicking it. I’m chilling with my wife. I’m having fun with my kids. I’m doing everything that I wanna do, and music, so it’s gonna reflect that.”

T-Pain’s interview with Complex can be viewed below:

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