Trippie Redd isn’t letting his issues with Toosii or Popp Hunna slide. Trippie has been hounding the North Philadelphia rapper on social media after old court documents surfaced online alleging Popp snitched after witnessing a murder when he was 14.

After dragging Toosii into the fray, who indirectly declared Trippie had “bitch traits,” Trippie again took to Instagram on Saturday (January 2) and made his feelings crystal clear, captioning the post, “Fuck a rat.”

Trippie’s stance on snitching hasn’t changed since his beef with 6ix9ine. After the former friends turned enemies, the beef escalated after 6ix9ine testified the “Dark Knight Dummo” rapper was a gang member.

Popp Hunna’s history became a topic of conversation between Toosii and Trippie after he and Toosii collaborated on the track “Beneficial” from The “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” rapper’s Mud Baby project. The ordeal also caught the attention of Wack 100 who saluted Popp for for maintaining his stance on snitching regardless of when it occurred.

“@trippieredd did what he was supposed to do – you other n-ggas gotta stop making excuses why your justifying #Snitching,” Wack wrote on Instagram Thursday (December 31). “@akademiks is not privi to the Politiks but if you call yourself a street n-gga your obligated to the rules – stop attacking the civilians like @akademiks and hold the street n-ggas to the rules.”

Toosii & Wack 100 Exchange Words Over Trippie Redd's Response To Alleged Popp Hunna Snitching

Wack later gave a hat tip to Lil Uzi Vert, who asked to be removed from the remix of “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” as the snitch allegations became public.

“Salute @liluzivert you did wtf you was suppose to do !” Wack said. “I didn’t snitch at 12 yrs old so ain’t no justification to him snitching at 14 #FuckThat.”