Lil Uzi Vert has been previewing a lot of new music on Instagram Live, leaving fans hopeful for a follow-up to his Billboard 200 No. 1 album, Eternal Atake. It seems like they’re getting what they’re asking for after Uzi went on Instagram Live on Sunday (December 20) and announced a new project is on the way.

After going through several unreleased records that had fans tapping their screens showing they like the tracks, Uzi decided to take things to the next level.

“You know what, since it’s down a little bit, I’m going to play SoundCloud vibes,” Uzi said. “When I drop my SoundCloud tape, it’s going to have all SoundCloud vibes. I’m going to play bops.”

Fans lost their minds in the comment section, asking Uzi to drop the tape right away, only for the Philly native to crack a smile and vibe out to the new tunes. There’s no other word on the project besides the heat Uzi was playing on his Instagram Live.

Uzi dropped his highly delayed second studio album, Eternal Atake, in March 2020. The album earned over 400 million streams in its first week and went No. 1 on two separate occasions after Uzi unleashed the deluxe edition a week after Eternal Atake‘s initial release.



HipHopDX reviewed the album giving it a 4.0 and placing it on its Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2020 …So Far list. With only a few days left in the year, Uzi is seemingly looking to close out 2020 with a possible surprise in store for fans.

Uzi got thrown into the middle of a heated Twitter exchange between his girlfriend JT and Asian Doll. The two rappers were arguing after JT told Asian Doll to get a hit record after the Dallas native claimed she was pretty her whole life. After going a few rounds, Asian Doll claimed Uzi wasn’t into JT despite actually being in a relationship with her.

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“He don’t even like you LMAO Bye & my shit been getting played literally,” Asian Doll wrote. The name drop caused Yung Miami to jump into the fold and defend her friend saying Uzi is all the way in with JT.



“Only thing a bitch can ever throw at JT is Uzi,” Yung Miami wrote in a deleted tweet. “Uzi literally be in JT pussy like a tampon. She ain’t gotta chase shit.”