The rapper with “bitch traits” Toosii was previously talking about turned out to be Trippie Redd.

The “Love Cycle” artist first posted a video on his Instagram Story on Saturday (December 26) to call out a “rap n-gga” who stuck his nose in business that didn’t belong to him.

“I had a rap n-gga text me and say, ‘You know you did a song with a snitch, right?’” his initial video began. “Alright cool, that’s whatever. It is what it is, okay, song already done, right? Why the fuck do you n-ggas be so worried about other people business? That’s the most bitch trait to me that a n-gga could have – just to be in other people business. That’s some bitch ass shit to me, real talk. Then the n-gga gon’ text me and say, ‘My fault, you just such a street n-gga, I just thought…’ Real talk, we don’t even know each other. Like for all you know gang, I could be a snitch too. You feel what I’m saying? You n-ggas be living up to these fake ass personas and fake ass gimmicks. Y’all be around snitches and bitch ass n-ggas every day and y’all never know.”

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After fans speculated who he could be referring to, he hopped on ClubHouse to name names on Wednesday (December 30), and Akademiks got his hands on the recording.

“Shit Trippie Redd text me and I don’t give a fuck saying names ‘cause I don’t fuck wit n-ggas and I let that shit be known,” Toosii said. “That’s a fact. Trippie Redd text me today, said, ‘Yo, you know that video you just posted? [You know] dude a rat right?’ I said, ‘Who? You talking about that shit that I just posted?’ On my momma! He like, ‘Yeah.’ He sent me a video link. I’m like, ‘Boy that don’t got nothing to do wit you.’ I be having to let n-ggas know – certain shit don’t got shit to do wit you, gang. So boom he say, ‘You rap about too much real shit to make a song with a bitch ass rat who told on a murder and come from the streets.’ He said something like some hoe shit to me. That ain’t a valid answer.”

Toosii Calls Out Anonymous ‘Rap Nigga’ For Various ‘Bitch Traits’

Watch both clips below. Trippie has yet to respond.