Wack 100 has entered into the conversation relating to “Corvette Corvette” rapper Popp Hunna allegedly snitching when he was 14.

When the allegations came out, Toosii made headlines for calling out Trippie Redd after Trippie suggested that he shouldn’t work with Popp anymore because of it. The “Love Cycle” singer didn’t appreciate the fact Trippie inserted himself into matters that didn’t concern him – and now Wack has also inserted himself to side with Trippie.

“@trippieredd did what he was supposed to do – you other niggas gotta stop making excuses why your justifying #Snitching,” he wrote on Instagram on Thursday (December 31). “@akademiks is not privi to the Politiks but if you call yourself a street nigga your obligated to the rules – stop attacking the civilians like @akademiks and hold the street niggas to the rules.”

He then went on to salute Lil Uzi Vert, who told Popp to take him off his forthcoming EP in a leaked DM screenshot from Popp’s close friends on Instagram. Uzi hopped on the remix of “Corvette Corvette” earlier this month.

“Salute @liluzivert you did wtf you was suppose to do !” Wack said. “I didn’t snitch at 12 yrs old so ain’t no justification to him snitching at 14 #FuckThat.”

Toosie still isn’t rolling though, and added more thoughts in response on Twitter.

Akademiks Reveals It Was Trippie Redd Who Toosii Claimed Had 'Bitch Traits'

“The streets don’t got rules,” he began. “It ain’t never have rules. Why you think it’s the streets. It’s the only place with no boundaries and n-ggas hate rules. and I don’t beef with n-ggas that shit ain’t in me n-ggas fans I can’t name one song.”

Trippie appreciated the support from Wack, commenting “100” under his post.

2kBaby also chimed in, and he’s riding with Popp.

“Popp hunna may did snitch ‘at 13’ but aint no difference from 90% you n-ggas telling every day on the internet,” he wrote, “and most y’all not even kids!!!”

For his part, Popp has denied the allegations and called the paperwork fake.