Meek Mill‘s much-publicized history with the judicial system had encouraged his work in not only criminal justice reform but prison reform as well. His numerous battles in court fighting for his freedom has motivated to help out others in Hip Hop facing similar issues, including Juelz Santana.

According to TMZ, Meek connected Juelz’ wife, Kimbella Vanderee, with a lawyer to help navigate through the court process and secure a favorable plea deal. Due to Meek’s assistance, Juelz was not only able to leave prison early, but he also does not have to report to a halfway house and was able to come straight home.

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Juelz and Kimbella’s next steps are to work with prison reform efforts, per TMZ. The Harlem rapper is set to work with organizations whose mission is to overturn sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners as well as help shop music and films that were initially made by those incarcerated.

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Juelz was initially sentenced to 27 months behind bars after he pled guilty to gun and drug charges stemming from a March 2018 arrest at Newark International Airport. Instead, he served only 19 months and was released on Wednesday (August 5).

The Dipset OG is currently under supervised release, meaning he’ll be subjected to drug tests every 15 days.